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What Your Boyfriend *Really* Thinks About Your Makeup [VIDEO]

Tell us when to stop. Your makeup game is on point. Before you go anywhere (whether it's a date to the movies or a formal dinner with Mr. President), you spend a lot of time getting reacquainted with your mirror.

If we're being completely honest here, perfecting your makeup look takes some serious skill (say that three times!). For starters, it's pretty much a proven fact that getting that winged eyeliner just right can take no less than ten tries. We're sure it's a law somewhere.

The real question is whether or not this beauty regimen is actually worth it! In fact, how can you be certain that your boyfriend likes or dislikes your makeup look?

Host Steven Fabian sets the record straight in this episode of That’s What He Said by asking the guys for their take on the art of makeup.

One response? According to Giancarlo, “Makeup is essentially lying paint," Jeez, Giancarlo–thanks for telling us how you REALLY feel! While most guys claim that they prefer women who wear natural makeup, that doesn't mean that they can't appreciate a snazzy cateye...does it?

After hearing a few of the guys out, the verdict seems to lean toward this: Au Naturel is in, Kabuki Theater is out! But don't take this to heart. We don't know about you but we don't only wear makeup to impress our guys; it's much more simple than that. What could be so wrong with wanting to look just as sexy as you feel?

The answer is absolutely nothing! So we ask you this: Should you ditch your makeup bag altogether?

If you seriously want to know what your boyfriend thinks about the way you paint your face, you're going to have to keep listening.