5 Men Reveal What They REALLY Think About Friends With Benefits

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Are guys into sex buddies? We've got the answer.

You're drunk. Or lonely. Or just plain bored. And you've already got this guy programmed into your phone. So should you try to turn your best buddy into your bed buddy? We asked guys: "What do you think of  friends with benefits?"

"Are you kidding?. If we had this all the time, we would never have to get married."

— John, 36, Actor

"FWB is cool, but it always ends up shitty for someone."

— John, 32, Professor

"It's the best. It's like a consolation prize whenever you strike out."

— Adam, 28, Carpenter

"I'm ok with it to an extent, but it always gets  complicated ."

— Andy, 32, Police officer

"I never thought it was for me, but I've found — to my surprise — it's for me. It's difficult to do well, but if you can do it well, it's great."

— Marc, 38, Child psychologist.



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