A Guy's Top Ten Date Movies

A Guy's Top Ten Date Movies

Movies are a crucial element of any dating regimen, but the gap between guy movies and chick flicks remains an issue for couples that really just want an excuse to make out. Dudes don't mind a little romance as long as it's taking place inside of a speeding bus engulfed in flames; girls want to watch the heroine dump her cheatin' boyfriend and end up with the tender guy next door.
I'm sure it can seem impossible to try to please a guy without renting Terminator 2 for the fifteenth time, but there is a rare breed of film that both men and women enjoy equally. These are the movies that can make the difference between "good night" and "good morning."

The Break-Up
True to the name, Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston aren't actually a couple for the majority of this movie. A bitter and sometimes funny battle over their condo ensues, and by the end you're left wondering if they'll end up together after all…
Why guys like it: Vince Vaughn is the fast-talking comedian every dude wants to be friends with; Jennifer Aniston shows her butt for like, a second.
Why girls like it: Aniston ditches meat-headed Vaughn, and you know she'll do better.
Why you'll both like it: The arguments feel real—they begin for no reason and turn ugly. You'll find yourselves pledging never to say such mean things to each other. It's like a "what not to say in an argument" instructional video.

I can't stand animated movies. I know they all have elements that only adults are supposed to pick up on, but I just don't care about the Shreks, Nemos or Wall-Es of the world. Enchanted breaks out of the pack as an animation come to life that pokes fun at the typical Disney fare.
Why guys like it: In one of many musical scenes, Patrick Dempsey asks if he’s the only one that doesn’t know the song everyone else is singing in unison. I’ve always wondered that about musicals, and Im glad Enchanted can laugh at itself.
Why girls like it: At its core, it's still an animated fairy tale movie. If you like Disney movies, you'll like Enchanted.
Why you'll both like it: It's not uproariously funny, but it has plenty of giggle moments. It would be a good ice-breaker for a first or second date.

Hitchcock's Notorious is nothing short of a classic. Cary Grant blackmails Ingrid Bergman into helping him spy on Nazis hiding out after the war, but the two end up falling for each other anyway. Grant must save the woman he loves from the danger he himself put her in.
Why guys like it: It's a smart spy movie with just enough action. Cary Grant is as cool as they come.
Why girls like it: The way Grant and Bergman get pouty with one another masks a genuine affection that's endearing.
Why you'll both like it: Old thrillers are perfect date movies—less gore, more romance and all of the jump-into-each-others'-arms suspense.

Juno is perfect for a date early in the relationship. Sometimes cute, sometimes serious, it's a good test of your date's sense of humor—can they laugh at a movie about teen pregnancy? I hope so.
Why guys like it: Michael Cera is worth the price of admission alone, but Ellen Page steals the show with her snarky wit. She says it best herself: "Jocks always want freaky girls…they just won't admit it."
Why girls like it: I every girl can find something in Juno's character with which they can identify—she's smart, strong, funny and feminine.
Why you’ll both like it: If two wacky teenagers can make it through a pregnancy, you should be able to stay together for at least a few more dates.

Stranger Than Fiction
This has been a go-to date movie of mine since it's been out. Will Ferrell's life is being written for him, and he can only hope for a happy ending.
Why guys like it: Will Ferrell's awkward antics.
Why girls like it: Will Ferrell's awkward charm. 
Why you'll both like it: It's an original idea, but the story isn't bulletproof. In fact, I think there are several loose ends that are never resolved, but you'll get the gist of it even if you only watch it half the time—a perfect make-out flick.
Far And Away
I remember seeing Far And Away in the theater and thinking it was the most epic thing I had ever seen. It hasn't stood the test of time very well, but I still think it's a great romance story.
Why guys like it: All of those gritty bare-knuckle boxing scenes and plenty of trans-American adventure.
Why girls like it: A young Tom Cruise shows his butt for like, a second.
Why you'll both like it: An actual couple at the time, Kidman and Cruise have a tangible chemistry.

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High Fidelity
High Fidelity gives hope to guys everywhere who keep screwing things up. It makes a good point, too; good taste in music won't help you with the ladies, nor will any other superficial posturing. It's good for guys to be reminded of this—I know I need to hear it once and a while.
Why guys like it: Cusack is the kind of cooler-than-thou asshole guys secretly admire. Also, the soundtrack is a music nerd's goldmine.
Why girls like it: It's hard not to be disarmed by Cusack's baby face. Plus, he grows up in the end.
Why you'll both like it: There is a cute, happy ending after grueling fights and fits of jealousy. Make your move as the credits are rolling to Stevie Wonder's "I Believe."

Another classic movie—I think Casablanca is sometimes overlooked because it's too perfect. Humphrey Bogart flees to Africa during World War II when he believes Ingrid Bergman to be dead. When she shows up again at his door, a love triangle unfolds that forces him to either doom or save his former lover and her husband.
Why guys like it: It's romantic, sure, but never in a cliché way. Even the most apish frat boy can appreciate the heartache of the story.
Why girls like it: It's dripping with grand romantic lines like "here's looking at you, kid." It sets the bar by which all other romantic films are judged.
Why you'll both like it: Casablanca is easily one of the best movies ever made, and it's even better when you can share it with someone.

Pretty Woman
I made a point to avoid this movie for a long time, but I finally caved. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the dialogue is. I still consider Pretty Woman to be a full-on chick flick, but it's my favorite because the lines never feel cheesy.
Why guys like it: It may be a hard sell, but get your guy to watch. It's a good introduction to the world of chick flicks, and he should probably get used to them anyway.
Why girls like it: Richard Gere and Julia Roberts are both at their peak in terms of talent and looks. It's fun watching ice-cold businessman Gere gradually melt for Roberts.
Why you'll both like it: It's sexy, in an early nineties kind of way.

Princess Bride
This is probably the only movie that my fiancée and I enjoy equally. A little action, a little romance and a lot of humor that has somehow stood the test of time.
Why guys like it: The humor isn't gender-specific like in so many chick flicks (see: any movie that has the line "you go, girl!"). Plus, every guy has a soft spot in his heart for Andre the Giant.
Why girls like it: The romance is fairy-tale sweet and free of adult complications. It's never a downer.
Why you'll both like it: There's always something either romantic or funny (or both) happening. It's a lovable movie you can watch over and over and hopefully pass on to your own kids when they start to date. Don't worry, it's PG.

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