2 Reasons Some People Are Just WAY Better At Flirting Than You

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What Kind Of Flirt Are You?

Whether you're an eye batter, a lock flipper or a gaze holder, flirting is an acquired skill that many of us need help honing. Here are a few resources to help you define, refine and get your flirt on.

1. Flirting is in their genes.

Singles and married people tend to be the most flirtatious of the love stages, though their come-hither cues are often non-verbal and subconscious. Biologists say the proclivity to flirt is passed through DNA; our existence is proof that our ancestors out-flirted the reproductive competition.

This is good news for those people out there who don't think they're very good at attracting the object of their affection.

2. They're intelligent and not conventionally attractive.

Smart, ugly people flirt better. OK, that's not exactly how flirting expert Eve Marx put it, but she points out that there's an art to attracting the opposite sex — and it sure doesn't depend on your bone structure. In fact, you might not get what you want if you let your looks do the work for you. The best flirtation comes from learning to present yourself with confidence.

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So there you have it! Now, get out there and get your flirt on.