Sex Kitten Tip #1: Are You A Sexter Extraordinaire?


Ditch those generic "Thinking of u & touching myself" sexts. You have to get creative! Here's how.

Sexting is, quite frankly, an art, and if you can master the craft of dirty digit-ing, the power of your 'iPhone quill' will leave men hankering for more.  And by hankering, I mean dying of dehydration due to excessive drooling.

Being a sexter extraordinaire requires being witty, dirty, bold and saucy. You have to be willing to push the envelope!  Because, Hunnybun, those “Miss your cock” or “Can’t wait 4 ur sex 2night” messages are more played out than that Call Me Maybe song.  The last thing I want him thinking is that you’re stale-cracker sexy!

The best way to push the envelope and make a serious, Sharpie-permanent impression is to use playfulness.  It’s a must when teasing and taunting a man specimen.

Playfulness When Sexting Sets You Apart From The Minx Wannabes!

Sexy people are like fruit—they come in all shapes and sizes.  Though it doesn’t take a great sense of humor to be sexy (I have yet to witness Gisele say much of anything guffaw worthy), a fun, silly side can give even a hag instant sex appeal.

Look at Ryan Gosling.  I know the man’s body looks like it’s made from the Lord’s personal stash of Playdoh, but it’s his prankster wit that we all love and which also makes him a great actor.

I always know when a man is going to rock in the sack because I just look at his playful side.  If he’s being a goofball and making me laugh, I know he’s going to bring some funhouse wackiness to the bedroom.  Yum!

It’s no different for men.  A bangin’ bod on a chick is nice and all, but Sweetie, there’s a saying that men tell each other in the locker rooms and during football game commercials; “For every hot chick out there, there’s some poor bastard who’s tired of fucking her!” 

Guys don’t feel this way about playful girls.  If they did, Playboy would have gone out of syndication years before Hugh’s cock stopped needing medicinal assistance. Those li'l bunnies in their pinktails and silly knee-high socks are quirky and fun, which combined with silicone and a spray-tanned puss, makes for a killah combo!

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