5 Ways To Make Sure Valentines Day 2014 Really Rocks!


5 Ways To Make Sure Valentines Day 2014 Really Rocks!
It’s all about getting super focused, clear and in control of your love search.

So this year maybe you spent the 14th alone or with family or girlfriends and not the love of your life. Whew, that’s over! Now for the rest of the year you have a great opportunity to start planning how you want to spend Valentine’s Day 2014. It’s all about getting super focused, clear and in control of your love search.

Check out these I’m Ready for Love exercises to get yourself on track to finding your soulmate:


1 - What do you believe? Limiting beliefs are the number one impediment to getting anything you want in life, especially a man. It’s time to sync up your beliefs with your desires. Try this: Take a sheet of paper and crease it down the middle so that you only now see the left half of the page. On the left side write down all of the beliefs you hold about yourself and relationships - be honest and list the good, the bad and the ugly. Now, flip the page over and on the right side list all the desires you have for and about a relationship. Let yourself dream big! When you’re finished, uncrease the page and read both columns. Do they support each other, or does the column on the left cancel out the column on the right? Your next step will be shifting to beliefs that support your column of desires.

2 - What kind of relationship do you want? Just wanting to be in love isn’t enough. You have to know what kind of love you want, and how it will change your life. Try this: Write out a sentence, paragraph or page of what, exactly, you want this love to be. Examine who you will be in this relationship, what you will see, feel, think, hear and experience. Let your mind wander and write out everything that comes to mind. This is your blueprint for moving forward.

3 - What kind of man do you want? You can’t find the right guy unless you really know who you’re looking for. Try this: Conduct some interviews with friends and family members about what they think defines you. Ask them to describe you and take notes about what they answer. Ask them to describe what qualities they think would be in the perfect mate for you. When you have ideas from a few people, sit down and consider what they’ve said. What do they notice or know about you that you haven’t paid attention to? Put this together with what you know about yourself and what you want and make a list of traits and qualities that your perfect match would possess.

4 - Why is this all so important to you? It’s one thing to be focused today and another thing to hold onto that clarity throughout the days, weeks or months it takes to find your guy. While you’re on the journey try this: Look at the list of traits and qualities your man possesses. For each one write out a single sentence about why this is important to you, plus one sentence about what you will be able to have and who you will be in a relationship with a man like that. Place this page(s) in a place that’s always handy. This is going to be your cheat sheet -- whenever you feel yourself slipping away from holding out for what you really want, or about to hop into bed with some yucko guy, center and ground yourself by sitting down in a quiet place and reconnecting with your values.

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