100 Reasons Why I Love You


100 ways to tell that special someone how you feel.

Have you ever found yourself floundering for the words to tell your sweetie how you feel? Well, flounder no more, because YourTango is here with 100 ways to tell them you care. Explore this list and find the inspiration to tell your honey why they light up your life with love.

I love you because…


You make photos like this with me.
You know how to build things like this:
You leave me notes like this:
Together, we are weird, but awesome, like these guys.
You make me want to write poetry like this (and I'm usually a lousy poet):
You not only know what this thing is, you cheer when you see it.
You love all of me, even the freaky parts.
I don't feel like a total weirdo when I blow you a kiss.
We can totally pull off this move:
You send me texts like this:
The cuddles (oh, the cuddles).
If you were a cat, you'd say stuff like this.
We get up to this kind of business:
And of course, this right here:
You learned seven different languages just for me.
You sat through this scene with my while I sobbed my sentimental brains out.
The night you pulled this move:
You just rolled with it when I expressed my love like this:
We go together like these two.
You can quote this entire movie with me (because we're both 9 on the inside).
You are totally understanding of my fantasy relationships with British TV stars.
You also understand that at certain times of the day, I need coffee more than I need you (nothing personal, babe).
We will defend each other until the end.
You can hold on when I turn into a raving lunatic once a month.
You encourage me.
You made this happen:
We end arguments like this:
That night we had to sleep on twin beds at your mother's house totally went down like this:
This is all you went for on the first date.
You can rock these moves.
You once sent me this:
The day we met went something like this…and you didn't run away!
You also don't run from my strange seduction attempts.
You have never once tried to lick my teeth (and for that I thank you).
When we met, I gave you this warning:
And you responded with:
When I'm trying to cook, you're all:
You have great taste in poetry.
You come up with crafty things like this:
This is your philosophy on a large part of our relationship:
You leave messages like this on the fridge.
Seeing you first thing in the morning makes me do this:
You totally get this about me:
This right here happens at least twice a day.
You know just what to say when I'm a big, teary mess.
The first time we confessed our love went something like this (and was as deliciously geeky):
The breathy moments.
Things like this perfectly define us.
Sexy-shower-time. 'Nuff said.
You once said this to me:
Your weirdness perfectly matches up with mine.
You accept the position of penguins in our lives.
Next to them, we look perfectly normal.
You really know how to dance.
You defend me when others point out the obvious.
When we are both not feeling work, we think the same thing:
We changed each other for the better.
You are incredibly forgiving.
Your kissy-face.
We both follow directions well.
This was the third thing you said to me:
We've spent more than one Sunday like this:
You leave little surprises like this for me:
The anticipation.
Your spontaneity.
You aren't afraid to whip out the corny jokes.
I know this will be you on our wedding day:
The little moments.
And the saucy ones.
We have the same attitude about other people.
Bath time.
We once built these little guys together.
You make train rides so much more interesting.
You showed up like this on our first date:
We like to get weird in the snow together.
The way you wake me up.
I once made you this promise:
You take this approach to life:
You like my sucky poetry.
The way you let me distract you.
You bought me this napkin:
You enjoy my logic skills.
You put this in our kitchen, because you really freakin' get me:
Again, sexy time. Can't say it enough.
When I get insecure, you shut it down like:
We get caught up on Skype.
You do not fear my excited face.
The hand holding.
The way you make libraries more interesting.
The things you say when I have to leave.
And how if you could, you'd pull this move:
You do this to me:
I've never once has to ask you this:
I know in 50 years, I'll still be thinking like this:
When we kiss:
You support my insanity.
I came home one day to find you'd done this to our stoop:
When we play Scrabble, this inevitably happens:
We are untied in mutual strangeness.
You once said this to me, and I melted.