Woman In Labor Realizes She Is Sharing Room With Her Ex And His Wife


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When Maddy Cifelli envisioned having her baby she thought she would have her own room with her partner Cody. But, when she arrived at the hospital while in labor, she had a surprise encounter.

Cifelli recorded a video from her hospital bed with her mask on. She shared the viral moment to TikTok and can be seen mouthing the lyrics, “what a time to be alive.” 

Cifelli revealed she was placed in a labor room with her ex and his wife.

"When your ex and his wife are in the same labor and delivery room," she wrote in the video.




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According to Cifelli, the hospital was too crowded for labor and delivery and the room had to be separated by a curtain. 


Cifelli made a follow-up video to explain the details of that shocking TikTok. She said there was a complication in the pregnancy and was placed as high risk since she was only 25 weeks pregnant. 

“The hospital has been completely crazy, the ER was packed, labor and delivery was packed. So, it was all great at first. Cody and I got our room. It was great, I literally told him the last time I was here I had to share a room with someone and it was a horrible experience cause she just kept yelling the whole time” she said. 



“Then they walk in, we make eye contact. Luckily there is a curtain in between us but it was just so awkward like I felt like I just couldn’t talk,” she continued. 


Cifelli goes on to say she and Cody would whisper in the room. However, she did clarify that this is not her ex-husband — who she shares a child with — but an ex from high school. Still pretty awkward.

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Many people in the comments explained how they or someone they know have been in a similar situation. 

Brittany Bae Ballard said, “my brother's current gf and ex gave birth in the same hospitals 2 doors apart on the same day. he was the dad to both.” 

Another comment from Miranda Renee read, “BRUH. my guys ex was the nurse when I was in the hospital.”


Some users have also said they would never want to share a room in general. 

M said, “Omg I’m so thankful my hospital guarantees private rooms” 

Similarly, Devynn Lance said, “I could never imagine sharing a room with anyone having a baby. Nope nope nope. I’ve had two babies and never shared a room!”


According to Lamaze International, sharing a room for labor is rare.

However, they note that while uncommon, it can't be completely ruled out, as some hospitals only offer shared rooms. In Cifellie's situation, it appears that an overcrowded hospital left the staff no choice but to pair people up. According to a CNN report, this may become more common as hospitals are more crowded than ever, with up to 80 percent of beds being occupied in 2022.

Cifelli has said she thought the situation was funny and couldn’t help but laugh. Needless to say, this will make for a great story to tell her baby one day. 

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