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I'm the Experts Editor for Email me at with any questions you have about reaching new audiences with your great advice! If you're looking for blog ideas, check out our list of Hot Topics, updated every Monday and Thursday.To browse the blog and see what other experts are writing about, click here.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Communications/Public Relationship and Philosophy from Le Moyne College in Syracuse. I've worked as a freelance writer for over six years, so I know what it's like to work with a great editor, and how big a difference that makes. I strive to be a super great editor every day.

I may be (definitely am) the only member of the YourTango Experts team who has pulled a chicken's heart out through its neck (the chicken was dead first). I come to YourTango from a small farm in Central New York where I worked as a farmhand and cook. With a culinary education and background as a food writer, I may be a little different than most other editors in the big city of New York. But hey, I like it that way. 

If you're interested in hearing more about the chicken-type stuff, check out my personal website at

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