About Jessica Offer

Hello! I'm Jessica. I live on the Sunshine Coast with my wonderful husband and our four spirited daughters. Two of our daughters have autism (ASD) along with my husband and two of our daughters don’t. They’re all awesome!

I love getting free therapy at the beach, Alter Eco salted caramel truffles, arting, cooking, the TV show Miranda, reading and yoga. I try and make as much time as I can to do the things I enjoy amidst the chaos that is life with four children. I do not like coriander, avocado and general ignorance. I'm a pretty straight shooter and say it how it is because my life is hectic and chaotic enough without having to muck about with words. I appreciate the same from others. 
It’s my aim to educate about girls with autism, normalise breastfeeding, embrace attachment parenting & homebirth and empower our daughters to live to their potentials and be their true selves.


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