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I advertise as being ”Britain’s Fastest Hypnotist”. I use real hypnosis with real people to create real change - fast! And I teach therapists, hypnotists and self helpers how to do this for themselves. (You can read some reviews below). I’m known worldwide and I’ve also been featured in the media.... but what's more important is what I can share with you.

You see, I also created PSTEC(TM) - a powerful tool for therapy or self help and YOU can download the basic tools for free. If you want to be happier in any way, you should definitely try the free PSTEC download. That is almost always my advice. It will cost you absolutely nothing to try it and it’ll be with you in minutes.

Most people are absolutely amazed when they first download and experience PSTEC. - You really should see the feedback on the site and the comments in the PSTEC forum. 

PSTEC has been called a miracle, magical and also “an eraser for the mind”. What unpleasant feelings or emotions would you like to erase? PSTEC was carefully designed to remove strong negative emotions in minutes - and to do this for you no matter how bad they may be.

You simply download the free system, listen and follow the instructions. There’s also a free forum, an international list of PSTEC therapists, free interviews, lots of free materials and professional support available. PSTEC is used by professionals and has mountains of testimonials and support. It's currently being translated into several other languages too.

If you’re curious to try PSTEC yourself, the website is here. www.pstec.org

I’m very well known as a therapist, hypnotist and creator of PSTEC and my systems are partnered with several major businesses. My therapy methods are also being used in several UK schools under license. All in all I’m kept pretty busy.
Primarily I do ultra fast hypnosis, teaching and training and also work with PSTEC. 
Oh, I nearly forgot…. you can watch real videos of generous clients who will explain to you exactly what it's like to be hypnotised by me. You can watch that here: www.britainsfastesthypnotist.com.    

Training, Qualifications & Experience

D.Hyp (Distinction), - Diploma with Distinction in Clinical Hypnosis
Trainer of therapists. (International)
Degree: B.Ed (Honours),
MBCS CITP (Chartered Status),
PSTEC (Creator) - Level above Master Practitioner
GHR Reg. SQHP (Senior Level),

Radio featured.
Television featured

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