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I am a divorce recovery coach, mediator and forgiveness teacher. I have helped thousands of people transform their lives, and can help you transform yours. What I have learned after 18 years as a family attorney and 14+ years of divorce coaching, is that forgiveness is the cornerstone of all healing. I am a passionate advocate for personal growth and work with people one on one, in groups, and by phone. As an intuitive guide, I can help you find your path, your truth, and help you find your way back to wholeness. 

Raised by a teen mother in the projects, I became a compassionate warrior for the underdog and as a divorce attorney and relationship coach, my life work, my mission, is to help others heal from the pain and hurts caused by relationships.

I have been in your shoes. Divorced twice and a mother to children in their early 20’s, I found and married the love of my life at age 49! How do you do that? You break down your walls (you know what I’m talking about), forgive those who have hurt you, and then forgive yourself for feeling like a fool, for not knowing better, for all the mistakes you keep beating yourself up about. OK, then the real work starts.J You start working on yourself, with my help, to become the BEST person you can be to attract the BEST partner into your life. The path to a great spiritual partnership starts with YOU. Are you ready?

Divorce and getting back out there in the dating world takes courage. And it takes hard work. I do not have a magic pill, sorry. Visit my website and see where I am speaking, peek at my on-line products and enjoy! 

Among many accomplishments, I am most proud of these:

  • Working in the domestic violence field on and off for 30 years and helping to write impactful legislation in 4 different states
  • Developing a Podcast called the Forgiveness Teachings which you can download
  • Hosting Journeys from the Heart…Embracing the Path Back to Love, an internet talk radio show on Sedona Talk Radio
  • Receiving a Trailblazer Award for NAWBO in 2007 for my work in the divorce field
  • Volunteering as a Court Appointed Advocate for Children, Hospice and Restorative Justice
  • Starting a Women’s Center in college which lasted for over 20 years
  • Single Parenting
  • Being courageous enough to leave a successful profession and follow my heart to move to Arizona and to start a coaching practice
  • Physical feats such as skydiving, scuba diving, fire-walking and rappelling down the side of a volcano in Portugal.
  • Writing my favorite book: Forgiveness: Heal Your Past and Find the Peace You Deserve
  • Co-authoring a best seller, "Wake-up Live the Life You Love," and writing “Transcending Divorce: A Guide for Personal Growth and Transformation,” “Conscious Relationships” and “Freedom from Abuse: Finding Yourself Again.”
  • Creating a fabulous 10 piece audio and workbook set – I am Petrified to Date Again Dating Package as well as a 28 day forgiveness e-class program.
  • For a full listing of audios, books and other programs, visit Lori’s Store. To Coach with me, contact me at Lori@LoriRubenstein.com and to get a monthly newsletter text the word "forgive" to 22828. 


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