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Hi I am Gerrianne Clare and I am your family guidance expert. I have over 30 years experience as a nurse, life coach, stress management expert and mom and I have supported hundreds of women and men in creating the life of their dreams through my workshops, corporate programs, calming audio programs and one on one coaching experiences.

I am thrilled to tell you have I have discovered some simple, little known secrets to “having it all” in your life. I have used these secrets in creating the amazing life I have with my husband of 35 years, the beautiful relationships I have with my 3 children and their families, the deep loving relationship I have with myself, all while creating the business of my dreams.

I have been blessed with many beautiful things in my life and yet I have also had some huge challenges with my health, my family, my relationship and my career over the years. Many of these challenges I would not wish on my worst enemy but they have been part of my journey. The gift of these challenges has been my awareness of how to navigate through them with grace and ease. These make up some of the “secrets” I want to share with you. How is stress impacting your family?

I have used these secrets extensively over the past 6 years and they have been instrumental in creating deep lasting transformations in the lives of the hundreds of women and men I have served.

These secrets are based on extensive research on what happens when your body, your mind and your heart are all lined up with how you are living your life and what happens when they are not. How is stress impacting your health?

My passion is to continually study the research into the mind, body, heart connection and apply what I know to the challenges faced by high achieving, career driven women who are trying to “have it all in their lives”. The results: I have helped hundreds of women learn how to line up their body, mind and heart, to recognize when they are “on track” and “off track” and discover their unique way to “have it all” in their lives.  Try out this quick and easy tool you can use anytime, anywhere!!

Are you curious? Hungry to “have it all” in your life but it feels like an impossible task?

Join the many women and men who have started their journey to “having it all” through downloading the “Sanity in Seconds” free audio available on my website. Many people tell me how they feel like they are going a little insane, when they are trying to juggle everything the need to do in their life. In this 20 minute audio, you will learn some simple, easy to follow steps to quiet your mind chatter and literally gain “Sanity in Seconds”.

To schedule a complimentary 30 minute session with me to help you recognize where you are "off track" CLICK HERE

I look forward to getting to know you better as discover ways to "have it all" in your life.

In gratitude,


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