About Gentry Bronson

I am a writer, editor, media producer, creative consultant, and founder of the Gentry Bronson Media & Creative agency. My professional life began as a pianist, singer, DJ, songwriter, and performer. It then dovetailed into the digital and multi-media world in San Francisco and then crossed back over to music. I was an international touring artist, singer-songwriter, composer, bandleader, and producer for 15 years.

In 2015, I expanded my skills and expertise in entertainment and digital media to create my agency, and I've helped writers, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, public speakers, changemakers, innovators, and creatives of all kinds be successful with their work. No matter what I'm doing or who I'm working with, I'm a storyteller and stories are the foundation of what I do.

I write about my personal experiences in memoir stories along with travel, culture, health, mental health, inspiration, and fact-based fiction. As a surfer, waterman, and practicing Buddhist, I also write about those important aspects of my experience, and I'm always learning about new things and writing about them.

My parents named me after a hitchhiker, so telling stories and becoming a touring musician artist felt like it was in my blood before I was born. I was recognized as a talented classical pianist when I was very young, winning five Minnesota Music Teachers Association awards and performing in front of thousands of people as a kid. I was a punk poet, singer, and composer in Seattle during the early 1990s, then an Acid Jazz, Drum ‘n’ Bass, and Trip Hop DJ in Prague. I moved to San Francisco during the mid-90s and became a producer in the fast-emerging web and digital industry.

After winning three Northern California Songwriters Association awards in 2001, I formed the band the Night Watchmen, going solo in 2006. Between 2001 and 2014, I did seven concert tours in Europe and performed countless shows throughout the US and Mexico. I also wrote, produced, and recorded over 100 original songs and compositions released on eight full-length studio records, three EPs, and many singles in various genres.

Thanks to an amazing fan base, I am still known internationally for my music, but now my primary focus is writing stories and articles and helping my clients reach their creative and business goals. I'm grateful to have found a new audience for my written work and to be able to help others find their audience.

After living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Alaska, Key West, Amsterdam, Mexico's state of Quintana Roo, Minnesota, and many places in between, I'm happy to call New Orleans my home and have since 2017.

I believe in a cycle of heroism and leadership. We are each inspired and aspire to be our own individual heroes. We, in turn, become heroes for others. It’s a chain of heroic leadership that can splash out into the world like a pebble thrown into the ocean, creating waves of positive change, art, music, words, and creativity around the world.

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