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Some people seem to navigate more easily the relationships' landscape than others. Some don't know how to better handle life challenges, while others embrace them ... and look at life as a continuous learning journey!
No matter where you are in this moment, there's always more: more happiness waiting for you, more wonderful relationships to build (with yourself and others), more meaning to add to your life while walking your personal and professional path (they are so connected, anyway!).
I'm passionate about helping people to add more meaning to their life, and accelerating their discovery that happiness and success starts from within!
Are you ready to discover all these?
Can you imagine what a great future we can create by everyone expressing the beauty of his true self?


Gabriela Casineanu, Thoughts Designer

Location: Toronto, Canada
Credentials: ORSC, M.Sc., MBA
Main Specialties: Life Management, Life Transitions, Employment Stress/Growth
Website: http://ThoughtsDesigner.com

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