About Elishia Trainer

Formerly a data scientist in Silicon Valley and the owner of a mental health agency in Las Vegas, Elishia had a pivotal, soul-rocking shift after she lost her mother. The power of grief connected her back to her heart and rebuilt her value system from the ground up. Now, Elishia Trainer is on a mission to spend her time, while she's alive, protecting what she loves; the planet and wildlife. She is accomplishing this through the two companies she has founded: BIOSENTIENCE™ Protection Institute & QUANTUM Signature

Quantum Signature is a metaphysical luxury skincare brand rooted in psychology, philosophy, and wellness. Bridging the outer cosmos with the inner cosmos through botanical blends infused with energy medicine such as solfeggio frequencies, etc. Plant Medicine + Earth Wisdom + Cosmic Energy. Awakening our cosmic potential, beyond skin deep.

Elishia's belief is that sentience is found all around us through biology. She has coined a term for this belief in spiritual biology: BIOSENTIENCE™.  BIOSENTIENCE™ is her 'why'. Learn more at Quantum Signature.

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