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In case you haven’t found YOUR ONE and ONLY you’re not alone.
Have you spent way too may days and nights feeling alone with no one to count on or you’ve been on countless dates with a non-committal guy who just wants a play date? I know how you feel.

You probably have great girlfriends, amazing kids and yet are tired of being on the continual roller coaster of crapy dates or worse yet you resigned yourself to not dating at all.

Despite all the books, seminars and gurus out there, many women still don’t understand how to successfully attract and keep the man of their dreams in dating and beyond.

Your wish of having an amazing partnership with someone who supports, loves and wants to bring out the best in you IS within your reach. It’s exactly why so many women have come to rely on Get Up and Date, their source for real answers that last.

When I was growing up, I never dreamed of helping women find lasting love.

My own feelings of loneliness, desperation and a longing for a meaningful relationship drove me at hyper speed to understanding and helping myself. Once I learned how to identify my hidden roadblocks and perpetual limitations I turned my focus to helping other women overcome the same challenges.

The more conversations I had in my mind, the ones that minimized my true desire for companionship, emotional stability and partnership, the more I began to rationalize why I could not have it.

I realized that laying low and playing it safe led me only to more isolation. The more I said it was “ok” the more it wasn’t.

But what was it that I wanted? If I couldn’t articulate “it” how could I ever explain to a man on how to give it to me? It seemed so simple, as a feeling state, and yet everywhere I looked it was like a hidden ingredient in a delicious recipe that I just couldn’t name.

Through years of training, personal discovery and determination I help woman, just like I helped myself, to break through the cycles of relationship disappointment and missed opportunities. I’ve developed a system that teaches women, like you, how to Be His One and Only, and not lose you!

Through my online courses and one on one coaching, women discover what works, what is holding them back and how to communicate what they want and need in a manner that has men wanting to give it them!


MY proven SYSTEM helps women the tools that get to the heart of what matters—showing women how to create the dates they dream of and experience an intimacy that most have given up on ever finding.

I can be reached directly at: Lori@GetUpandDate.com for a personal, consultation to help you get started.


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