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Who are The Ambrose Girls?! Dating and relationship contributors to several top notch online publications who combine their two great minds, opinions, and experiences to give readers a little bit more than the average advice when it comes to the world of love.

A smidge more specifically… Karen & Kristy Ambrose are twins who believe there are few things in life that a glass of red wine can’t fix. They are passionate about writing especially topics that are geared toward their fellow ladies. Raised in the Buckeye state and graduates of OSU (O-H), the girls now live in Nashville and are soaking up all of the southern dating drama.

Between the two of them, and their beloved girlfriends, they’ve seen and heard it ALL when it comes to dating. Being twins means 2X the years and experience in the dating world, so look out for some interesting perspectives! Unlike experts, parents, and older mentors, Karen & Kristy know what it's like to date with Facebook, Instagram, texting, etcetera and  are living it every single day. Using each other as sounding boards for story ideas, and reality checks when necessary, their writing is fun and not always PC. Follow along with their YourTango journey by reading their work right here!

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