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...David and Cindy Taylor are normal people just like you who created Affaircare to educate couples about having affair-free marriages and debunk infidelity myths. We co-wrote: "Affaircare: Caring for Your Marriage After an Affair" to help people end their spouse's affair and rebuild a more loving, happy marriage. We have been guest experts on radio shows, are recognized as Portland's Infidelity Expert on Examiner.com and we hope to start a talk radio program soon! We're proud of our book, the columns for which we write, the radio shows we're going to host, and our national level of expertise . . . but we build our reputation on saving marriages--one at a time. Follow Affaircare on the Web: Home: http://www.affaircare.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/affaircare Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/affaircare David and Cindy are ecstatically married and live in the Pacific Northwest with their seven children, dog, and three cats.

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