About Cassie Fox

Based in the Deep South, I'm a writer and photographer. Equal rights and informed choice in everything are hugely important to me, and all of these things together form the backbone for much of my work. As a native Southerner, I've lived in both NYC and Scotland, and all three of these places have inspired and continue to inspire me deeply, contributing to the way my creativity has evolved over the years. I feel like I soaked up some of the atmosphere of each, and I can draw on it when needed.

Since becoming a mother, I've come to believe strongly in the idea of "wise women" or "village mothers", a concept sorely lacking in modern culture. We are no longer a literal community of grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and aunts, and this is a loss modern women feel but have a hard time naming. So many of us have an innate need and desire for that missing sense of belonging and sharing, and when it isn't met, motherhood and womanhood in general can feel overwhelmingly lonely. I sometimes refer to myself half-jokingly as an aspiring wise woman, but it's true that I endeavor to collect my own experiences like stones in my pocket, heavy and important and universal, and write about them as a way of reaching out and connecting. Although loneliness is an unavoidable part of being human, I feel that we can help to alleviate some of that burden by lifting each other up and sharing our own stories, in whatever form they may take. I aim to tell my stories honestly and authentically, in part because the telling brings me insight and often healing, and also with the hope of helping just one person feel less isolated on their own journey. Through my work, I strive to provide information, support, resources, and creative services for both my offline and online community. Borrowing from one of my essays, "You're not alone. We're not alone. It's not an island, it's a forest -- just look for the closest campfire." The brighter we can burn, the better we can be, for ourselves and for each other.

To put it all less pretentiously: I write a lot of stuff and I take a lot of pictures. I'm getting to life's halfway mark - fingers crossed! - and really seeking to build a strong community of women around me so we can all be old cat ladies together someday. Kidding! It's important for us all to feel like we belong somewhere. I like to be that somewhere sometimes.

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