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Carol Gignoux, M.Ed., is founder and President of Live ADHD Free, LLC. Her Boston-based firm provides individual coaching, coach training, business consulting and seminars. Carol also tours the country as a public speaker, sharing her passion for transforming the lives of people with ADHD.

Carol began her work with ADHD immediately upon her college graduation in 1972, and since then has achieved a highly decorated resume as a professional coach. After graduating from Coach U, Carol completed a graduate coaching program with the Newfield Network in Minneapolis, MN, and an Executive Coach Training Program with Success Dynamics in Concord, MA.

Carol has been certified by the ICF as one of their first Financial Coaches. She was also one of the first participants in the Top Human Coaching Program in Shanghai, China, has taken several of T. Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials Training Programs, and is a member of his Private Circle Club. Carol co-created the Institute for the Advancement of ADHD Coaching, the international organization that certifies ADHD Coaches and ADHD Training Programs. She has achieved the most advanced ADHD coaching designation: the Senior Certified ADHD Coach or SCAC.

Combining her expertise with cutting-edge research, Carol provides valuable tools and success strategies to the children, teenagers, college students, adults, executives and couples that she coaches. Additionally, Carol facilitates the creation of healthy communication patterns and supportive group dynamics for businesses as well as families. Every day Carol provides her clients with the tools they need to lead orderly, happy lives in the classroom, office and home.

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