About Carli Leavitt

Carli is a freelance writer and blogger based in San Diego, CA who focuses on love, relationships, and what makes couples successful. As a single woman and young professional, Carli has gone on her fair share of dates, as well as experienced love in long term relationships, the heartache of breakups, and the all around messiness of the millennial dating scene (sad to say, it's not pretty). Through her dating faux pas and the occasional "I give up and am adopting 20 cats" moments, Carli remains a hopeless romantic with a bit of a sarcastic edge. In her opinion, life, love and all that awkward mushy stuff is no fun if you can't laugh about it. 

When Carli isn't dishing out advice or spilling the beans on her love life for Your Tango, you can find her riding her horse, playing with her goofy boxer dog, practicing yoga or conducting surveys and relationship research studies for prominent NYC divorce attorney Vivien I. Stark. Follow Carli on Twitter to keep up with her projects or participate in an upcoming relationship study. 

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