About Ana Del Castillo

I am a women’s Rightness Expert and Certified Empowerment Coach with over 20 years of experience. My passion is galvanizing women to get off the painful treadmill of needing to ‘do life right’ in order to fix what’s wrong, so they can discover the freedom of their inherent rightness, no matter the circumstances or events of their lives!


On a more personal note... I spent my childhood in a home filled with violence and sexual trauma starting at the age of 5. To rebel, at 21 I left home and became a successful actress and singer on Broadway, performing in shows like Les Miserables, and my own one-person show.


Several years later, my father and brother were murdered in a brutal gangland-style killing. That event shattered me so deeply that I swung in the other direction and started “doing everything right.” I got married, climbed the corporate ladder to the C-Suite level, bought a home. But no matter how perfect I tried to be, I was miserable and dead inside.


One day I got tired of being unhappy and committed to myself at a deeper level; my innate rightness. From there I created my life from the ground up, transforming the traumatic events of my life into a felt experience of genuine grace and perfect imperfection. 


My story and work has been featured on NPR, in People Magazine, Shout Out LA, The NY Post, and has been published in the book, The Moth Presents Occasional Magic. I also performed my Moth story at Lincoln Center for their book launch.


I coach, speak, and lead courses on Rightness and I am writing a self-study book for women. I am ridiculously, happily married and I live in LA with my husband and two formerly feral cats.

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