About Abby Medcalf, PhD

Abby Medcalf is a Relationship Maven, psychologist, author, podcast host and Tedx speaker who has helped thousands of people think differently so they can create connection, ease and joy in their relationships (especially the one with yourself)! With her unique background in both business and counseling, she brings a fresh, effective perspective to life’s struggles using humor and her direct, no-nonsense style.

With over 30 years of experience, Abby is a recognized authority and sought-after speaker at organizations such as Google, Apple, AT&T, Kaiser, PG&E, American Airlines and Chevron. She’s been a featured expert on CBS and ABC news, and has been a contributor to Huff Post, Women’s Health, and Bustle.

She’s the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book, Be Happily Married, Even if Your Partner Won’t Do a Thing,” and the host of the top-rated Relationships Made Easy” Podcast. Her new book and program, Negative Thinking Sucks, and Not in a Good Way will be out soon!

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