About Abby Medcalf

I am a psychologist with over 25 years of experience working with both the private and public sector, helping individuals break through in every relationship. Due to my diverse background in both counseling and business, I bring a unique perspective to relationship issues and have established a clear system for change which creates meaning and happiness in people’s lives.

Best known for combining the latest research with my hands-on experience, I synthesizes large tracts of information into easy to follow techniques and practical tools that anyone can use to bring about crucial change in their relationships. I have created a proven system for achieving happiness, meaning and fulfillment in any relationship, which I outline in my program, “31 Days to Great Relationships.”

I have been featured on both ABC and CBS news and am a popular keynote speaker presenting at many organizations throughout the United States including Apple, PG&E, American Airlines, Kaiser, United Airlines, Chevron, Clorox and AT&T.

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