Young Men Are Having Less Sex Than Before — 5 Reasons That's Actually Good News

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The media, movies, and society consider sex to be the most coveted pleasure in the world.

Often, they correlate happiness and contentment with an active sex life. Whether this is true or not is still open for debate. 

It turns out, today more younger men are going through "dry spells"

According to a recent report analyzing data from 2008 to 2018, men are having less sex than ever. Not just men — but men are the ones making headlines. 

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"[In the study], we found that from 2009 to 2018, fewer adults engaged in a range of partnered sexual activities ... Compared to adult participants in the 2009 survey, adults in the 2018 group were significantly more likely to report no penile-vaginal intercourse in the prior year, the researchers found. Study participants were also significantly less likely to report engaging in any other sexual behaviors examined in the study, such as oral sex or anal sex."

The decrease in sexual activity was particularly noteworthy in young male populations. While the phrasing is a little awkward (an increase in sexual activity = decreased sexual activity), this is noteworthy information.

"The researchers found that sexual inactivity had increased from 19 percent to 31 percent among men age 18 to 24. Men and women age 25 to 34 also reported an increase in sexual inactivity during the time period."

The drought has become a global situation. People are blaming social media, busy lifestyles, and video games. However, they are ignoring its many benefits and most importantly, the fact that men are being more mindful of their sex life.

But I am of the opinion that this is for their own good.

Five reasons younger men are deciding to have less sex — and why it's good for them

1. Men are prioritizing careers and interests over sex.

It is said that sex doesn't allure men anymore — you can't state a more misinformed statement than this. Men are still fascinated by the idea of a steamy lovemaking session. But sex is not the alpha and omega of their life anymore.

The younger men are realizing different venues for gaining those endorphins and dopamine that the majority only aim to achieve from sex. A good career, workout routine, well-being measures, and hobbies give us pleasure as well.

Your best memories are made of nature's scenic views, child's laughter, hitting milestones, landing your dream job, and the crazy time you spent dancing with your friends. It is not limited to sex.

Consequently, younger men are more passionate about their goals and are taking more vacations.

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2. Getting laid is not the symbol of masculinity anymore.

Men are afraid to admit that they are keeping it in their pants for months. The archaic concept of having sex symbolizing power and masculinity made them believe that the lack of sexual intercourse makes them "less manly." 

The younger generation is acknowledging this flawed concept and is eager to rectify it. The realization that their happiness doesn't depend on sex anymore has positively impacted the way they approach relationships.

The younger men don't force themselves to sleep around just for the sake of it. As a result, mental health issues such as stress, frustration, shame, self-image issues, and low self-confidence have taken a back seat.

3. Men are seeking long-term stability in a relationship.

Surprisingly, men have taken the initiative to invest time only in those relationships that promise something more valuable than sex, and most preferably, long-term stability. They are apprehensive to invest their efforts in anything less than that.

The number of men swiping right on online dating apps just for "Netflix and chill" has significantly reduced. While people still go on first dates with the plans of getting laid, most men are now waiting for multiple dates before sharing the bed with them or making out.

This, in turn, is promoting compatible, positive, and happy relationships. It is also saving them from a lot of unwanted trauma and complications that come with a failed relationship. 

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4. Men aged 18 and more are exploring better ways for intellectual growth than sex 

Society has even stigmatized virginity. According to some social constructs, losing virginity marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. Well, the young men are proving that age-old notion wrong.

Gone are the days when being a virgin or going through a dry spell was misconstrued as "uncool". Given the rising awareness around significant topics such as sexuality and consent, fewer men are pressured into sharing their bodies before they are entirely ready.

Instead of basing their intellectual growth on bringing ladies (or guys) home every other night, men aged 18 and more are choosing more efficient approaches and turning out to be more socially, intellectually, and emotionally mature than their elders. This justifies the raging number of young entrepreneurs.

5. Women are getting more serious about their pleasure.   

The sex-positive movement destigmatized pleasure for women. It gave them a voice to ask for their rights to satisfaction in an intimate or casual relationship.

Finally, women have begun taking their pleasure seriously, and no, they won't settle for the bare minimum. While there's a rise in women engaging in casual sex, we are also witnessing more and more women getting confident about their sexuality.

The tendency of women to agree to sexual intercourse in hopes of saving their relationship is residing in the shade. Now, they are unafraid to say "no" before they are absolutely willing.

An apparent upsurge in women ditching casual sex due to the lack of satisfaction is also visible.  The saying "there's plenty of fish in the sea", no longer stands and has removed some options for the men.

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Sidhharrth Kumaar is an astro-numerologist and Founder of NumroVani. He couples his knowledge in occult and modern sciences together to solve real-world problems in the areas of mental wellbeing and relationship growth.