Here Is Your Sign To Step Into Greatness And Leave The Fear Behind

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By Diondra Ross

All accomplishments in life happen when we push past fear.

You never know what you can really do until you do it.

Fear has a way of making people run away from greatness, but it is immensely important to gain a fighting mentality.

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Fight for your life, as you have all the rights to. Make fear submit to you and use it as a stepping stone.

Of course, it is always easier said than done. But when you want to win in all areas of your life, you must put your best foot forward and put up a good fight.

Ask yourself: How bad do you want it?

Fear does not fight fair.

Oh, you thought the fight was going to be easy, huh?

The reality is fear comes at you fast, from all directions, and does not care what condition it leaves you in. It reminds you of your past failures, the number of doors shut in your face, consumes you of worries, and makes it easy to disqualify yourself.

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When constant doubts are coming at you at once, catching you off guard, you may be ready to tap out, but do not.

Winners win from the inside out, to not only put up a good fight, but for your willpower to be just as solid as your strategy. Plan, then execute. Have the right people in your corner and give it your all.

“I ain’t no killer but don’t push me.” —Tupac

Living in greatness and shining in your purpose is not for the timid. You cannot allow the fear of rejection and the fear of failure to punk you out of what is yours.

Fear does not fight fair — neither do I, and you should not either. I come out swinging, taking all that is mine and know that God is always backing me up.

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The fight of our life is fixed but we must truly apply faith to all circumstances as he makes the disqualified qualified.

If it is a vision or goal you want to surpass to reality, consult with God, plan effectively, and move when the time is right.

Let us not sleep on ourselves. The world needs our purpose and gifts more than we know.

So do not let fear trick you into thinking you are not enough, or you are incapable of doing anything we are more than equipped to do. Go out and win for everybody, including yourself.

Humanity needs each other to help get across and step foot into greatness.

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Diondra Ross is a journalist, poet, spoken word artist, social media marketing manager, and author of a poetry collection, "Revealing New Skin."

This article was originally published at Unwritten. Reprinted with permission from the author.