Worker Calls Out Her Fully Remote Boss For Hypocrisy After She Was 'Lectured' For Not Being 'Trustworthy' Working From Home

She’s not the only employee angry about in-office mandates.

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Following the pandemic, the number of companies forced to send their employees home skyrocketed, leaving CEOs feeling anxious and workers more relaxed than ever in their home offices. 

However, as the fear of the pandemic fizzles and in-person mandates start popping up in industries around the market, the benefits of working remotely have been increasingly difficult to ignore. Especially for employees, the increased flexibility and overall better balance between personal and professional life has them advocating for more time away from the office. 


While some companies provide grace with hybrid accommodations, others force employees back to the office.

Ex-corporate employee Brittany William took to TikTok to share her story of a fully remote boss who wanted his team to do as he said, not as he did.

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William called out her boss for ‘hypocrisy’ after being ‘lectured’ about working from home — despite being fully remote herself. 

“At this job, we had a minimum requirement of working in the office two to three days a week. Mind you, they told me in the interview process that it was only going to be one to two days, but I digress,” she said of her old corporate job. 




This kind of hybrid schedule has suited the needs of many companies post-pandemic, giving employees the flexibility of working from home while still boosting some sense of community or togetherness in a physical space. 

Working from home one day, William recalled a casual online conversation with her boss. With her camera on, she couldn’t help but acknowledge her cat that had perched on her desk — a lighthearted comment that her boss clearly had an issue with. 

After ‘catching’ her cat on camera, this boss ‘lectured’ William for working from home — despite only being required to be in the office twice a week. 

“I didn’t think too much of it,” she said, “but, the next day I had another meeting with her… she said [my comment about the cat] was funny because it was a Tuesday. She said that was the day I was supposed to be in the office.” 


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When she started the job, William recalled that her boss made a loose comment about Tuesdays being the most convenient day to be in the office — but it was not a requirement by any means.


“I thought that going into the office was optional as long as you got your one or two days during the week,” she said. “I didn’t think it mattered what day you went in.” However, that was not a sufficient answer for this boss, who continued to “lecture” William about broken trust at work. 

“She basically said, ‘I don’t trust you if you’re saying you’re going to go into the office, but then don’t.’ I’m sorry… I’m an adult!” As an adult corporate employee, William couldn’t help but feel taken advantage of.

William said working from home is much more productive — ‘Nobody is ever in the office anyway.’ 

It’s this kind of dehumanization and lack of autonomy that many corporate employees experience in their day-to-day work lives. This kind of treatment often creates a toxic work environment that plagues other areas of employees’ lives, as well. 

“Here’s the kicker: She was remote. She doesn’t even work in the office,” Wiliam explained. Not only was her team remote, but her boss wasn’t ever there either — meaning she got dressed, drove to the office, and sacrificed time just to pull out her laptop for virtual meetings. 


Worker Calls Out Remote Boss After Lecture About Working From HomePhoto: Shisuka / CanvaPro

This disconnect between bosses and employees creates an atmosphere of resentment in many corporate spaces. Leaders often work from home and live blissfully with flexible schedules while cultivating rigidity in their workers’ lives. 

It’s a pure lack of empathy, grace, and understanding that William relayed through her story — a reality that she’s since left behind by leaving Corporate America. However, this is still the day-to-day life of many employees in the U.S. who find their futures, livelihoods, and happiness at the hands of disconnected and undignified leaders. 


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