Office Worker Asks If She Was ‘Greedy’ For Eating 5 Of The 10 Desserts Someone Brought In For Everyone To Share

While she attempted to restrain herself, she admitted that the desserts were too good to just stop at one.

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An office worker admitted that she's worried that she's coming across as greedy after claiming that she ate a majority of the desserts that someone brought in for the people in the workplace. 

In a TikTok video, a content creator named Key explained that she felt bad and questioned if she should've been more mindful about the number of desserts in the communal fridge at work instead of eating most of them herself.


She questioned if she was 'greedy' for eating 5 of the 10 desserts someone brought in for everyone to share at work.

"At my job, sometimes people will bring treats for the office," Key explained. Well, last week, she recalled someone who knew her boss had brought in 10 Chick-fil-A yogurt parfaits and said they were for everyone in the office to share. 

However, the way everyone's schedules had been set up, only four people, including Key, were in the office that day since it was a holiday weekend and everyone was working only half of the day besides Key. Once the parfaits were brought in, Key and her other co-workers each ate one, and there were around five or six of them left that were put in the fridge.

@keytells Was that big back of me? Maybe. Do i regret it? No. 🙂 (for clarification, the other 3 that were working that day had a parfait. Also, it was a surprise brought in by someone who knows our “boss” not a coworker.)#bigbackactivities #amiwrong #greedy #officelife #parfait ♬ original sound - Key

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"Someone puts in the group chat, 'Hey, someone brought us parfaits, if anyone wants one. You can drop by the office and get it,'" Keys said. "We go about our day, everyone's gone except me, I'm finishing up some work."

While alone in the office, Key decided to have another parfait and ate two more of them. The next day, no one was working in the office except for her once more, so she immediately went into the fridge and grabbed another one while she worked and finished up some of her business projects. By the time she finished for the day, there was a single parfait left in the fridge. 


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Since the office was closed that Monday and Tuesday, all of Key's co-workers returned to the office that Wednesday, and someone asked if there were any of the parfaits left. One of Key's other co-workers admitted that she ended up eating the last one, but when she went into the fridge to grab it, there was only that one left anyway. 

The admission that there were none left confused everyone since they were originally told that there were 10 in total before the holiday weekend.


It started a line of questioning, with people asking others if they came to the office over the weekend and took some, and Key's co-workers attempting to find the missing parfaits. While this was all going on, Key remained silent, as she'd been the one who ate most of them.

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Key doubled down and pointed out that if people wanted to eat them, they had every opportunity to. 

"I ate all of the parfaits. I won't say that I'm wrong, but I will say that I'm greedy," she continued. "I will admit to being greedy, but at the end of the day, the parfaits were sitting for almost a week. If you were worried about them, you could have come and got them."


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While the parfaits were brought in for everyone to enjoy, Key was right; her co-workers had every opportunity during the long weekend to come by the office and pick some up, but also, it's not that big of a deal if they weren't able to eat them anyway. 


If it was devasting, they could've easily gone to Chick-fil-A and purchased one for themselves. As the only person in the office for two days in a row, there honestly wasn't even anyone around to indulge in them in the first place.

If anything, the parfaits should've been eaten before the long holiday weekend anyway, or else they could've gone bad, and then they would've been tossed in the trash. Instead, Key's decision to eat the remaining parfaits ensured they didn't go to waste, which, in a way, was a practical move. Food also left in communal spaces for everyone in an office is usually first come, first serve, an unspoken yet known rule. 

Key later admitted that at first, she wasn't that interested in the parfaits since she'd never tried them from Chick-fil-A, but after looking in the bag and seeing them, she wanted to try them because of how good they looked. Most of the parfaits also had different toppings of fruit in them as well, and since Key enjoyed that first one so much, she felt inclined to try the other ones as well.

@keytells Replying to @user7670651522908 some people were wondering how I could eat so many….theyre GOOD!! #bigbackactivities #greedy #officelife #parfait ♬ original sound - Key

"The day goes on, we do a lot of different stuff. Everybody leaves at noon, I'm still there," Key said. "I said, 'Oh, it's time for me to get that parfait with blueberries and the strawberries,' and I ate it. It was so good."


It didn't take long before Key realized that they were some really good parfaits and helped herself to some others too. She attempted to limit herself to one more before stopping altogether, but when she went home and came back that next day to an empty office, she decided to just eat another after not having breakfast.

"The next thing I knew, there was only one parfait left," she added. Despite her resistance at first, sometimes you really can't help but give into temptation every now and again.

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