Woman Stuffs Infant PJs With Snacks & Fills Baby Bottles With Wine To Avoid Paying For ‘High End Snacks' At The Movie Theater

"What a well-behaved baby you have!"

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Want to go on a movie date but don’t want to pay for the outrageously expensive snacks that are sold in theaters? One mom has you covered.

The woman took to social media to share the extreme measures she takes to sneak snacks and drinks into the movie theater to avoid paying for them once she gets there.

The woman stuffed infant pajamas with snacks and baby bottles with wine so she wouldn’t have to buy snacks and drinks at the movie theater.

In a TikTok video posted by user @greedy_fhattgirl, she shared her date night hack that has saved her possibly hundreds of dollars a year.


While preparing for a night at the movies with her boo, the woman made her own popcorn on the stove at home, adding movie theatre butter to make it taste like the popcorn you’d get from the concession stand.

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She then put all of the popcorn into a Ziploc bag and gathered the rest of the movie snacks, including Goobers, Reese's Pieces, Hot Tamales, Skittles, and Doritos chips, along with a thermos of nacho cheese for dipping. 

The woman then stuffed all the snacks inside a pair of baby pajamas, making it appear as if an actual baby (without a head) was wearing them. The woman placed the stuffed pajamas into an infant car seat to make her snack-sneaking idea even more believable.

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She even included baby bottles as wine receptacles in the car seat next to the “baby.”

To avoid blowing her cover, the woman tossed a baby blanket over the car seat. “I ain’t paying for them high-end snacks!” she said. 

People praised the woman for her genius snack hack.

“I work at the movies, and this is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” one TikTok user commented. “The level of genius displayed here is extremely high,” another user wrote.

“I would’ve brought twins,” another user added.

Others believed that the commitment was not worth the hassle and shared that they would rather settle for an at-home movie date night.

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According to a national survey, the average moviegoer spends $16.43 on concessions. This does not include the price of the movie tickets themselves.

It is no secret that if you are charged $4 for a bottle of water, $10 for popcorn, and $5 for a box of M&M’s, you are likely being ripped off. You can most likely purchase all three at your local grocery store for $10 or less.

However, movie theatres are well aware that they can get away with charging an extra buck out of their consumers. 

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When you first walk into a movie theater, the aroma of popcorn immediately hits you. Before you walk into your designated theater, the concession stand is strategically placed before the ticket taker, and many people think to themselves, “I may as well get some popcorn as long as I’m passing it!”

You’ll also need a sweet candy to balance out the saltiness of the popcorn and something to wash it down with, of course.

However, you could have the same delicious snacks and drinks without breaking the bank by investing in a heavier coat, a sweatshirt with oversized pockets, or even a pair of infant pajamas!


If you are an avid moviegoer, it just may be worth it to purchase the baby car seat, pajamas, and bottles to save yourself possibly hundreds of dollars each year.

And everyone in your theatre will compliment you on what a well-behaved infant you have!

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