Meet The Woman Who Spent Over $50K On Tanning Beds

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Who is Martina Big? The German glamour model has the biggest breasts in Europe. But not only are these things massive but they can also actually be pumped up like a pool toy.

Once an air hostess, Martina Big switched to modeling and spent £50,000 transforming herself into what she calls an "exotic Barbie."

Claiming that she's now 31 years old and a size 6, Martina underwent breast surgery in 2017 to increase their size to a 32S. She also has gotten tanning injections and uses her own tanning bed, which houses 50 tubes.

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Meet Martina Big: She's spent over $50K on tanning beds.

Her breast implants are pretty unique as they can be pumped up with the use of saline. And even though her looks are pretty extreme, Big still had plans to get even more surgery.

While she once wanted to look like Katie Price and Pam Anderson, her idea of beauty has changed and she no longer thinks they are curvy enough. And despite her extremely brown and "crispy" skin, she wants to go even darker to see how far she can take it.

But why did Martina Big start getting plastic surgery?

It was in 2012 that Martina started modeling after encouragement from her boyfriend. She has since undergone multiple melanin-boosting injections and now has skin that looks similar to mahogany.

"I was not expecting to go so dark but it worked so well," she said. "I love it and I really want to push it to the extreme. Now I just want to get darker and darker and see what the limits are."

She continued, "I love the contrast of my bright blonde hair and my dark, crispy brown skin. I love seeing the reactions of people. I can see their big eyes when I walk past and their shocked faces, thinking 'how is this possible?' But I am not pretending to be a Black girl. I'm going to create a unique and exotic Barbie with dark tan, bright blonde hair, and exaggerated curves. I like this look."

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She loves her tan skin and has plans to get even more injections while still using a tanning bed in her home.

Big stresses that she is not trying to change her race, but only hoping to look more like the exotic Barbie of her dreams. She says that she will not change her eyes or eyebrows, leaving them as some of the only things natural on her body.

While she started off only enhancing her lips and breasts, Big quickly became addicted.

"At first, I wanted to look like Pamela Anderson or Katie Price. But now, I realize that is not for me. These women are not curvy enough. And so now, I am more inspired by Barbie or Jessica Rabbit, but I go my own way and am creating my own extreme look."

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She also had plans to get a butt lift (however, she was denied one by doctors), and she vows to keep her tanning going strong. Her boyfriend, who is extremely supportive, even underwent tanning injections himself.

According to him, "I didn't want to go quite as dark as Martina but I support her and like her new look very much. It is a great feeling for me to have Martina by my side. I am the boyfriend of the woman with the largest breasts in Europe. I hope for the future that Martina will continue inflating her breasts, inflating her lips, getting more tanned, and getting big butt implants. Martina has this extreme look because she has always followed her heart. She and I, our dreams are the same and from change to change, Martina just becomes even more beautiful."

It seems like he takes a little too much pride in being the boyfriend of the woman with the biggest breasts in Europe. But hey, at least he’s supportive.

In 2018, Big was ready to go under the knife again to get her nose done

Big also came under controversy in 2018 for reportedly lying about her real age, and also for changing her name from Martina Big to Malaika Kubwa.

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