Woman Shares The 3 Ways She ‘Silently’ Gets Revenge On Co-Workers She Doesn’t Like

Are her methods too petty?

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It’s just not possible to get along with all of your co-workers. Everyone has different personalities and values, and that means there’s bound to be some friction. 

Few would go so far as to get revenge on a co-worker they don’t like, though. But that’s exactly what one woman did.

A woman explained 3 ways she sneakily gets revenge on her least favorite co-workers.

Content creator Kay, who describes herself as “your corporate spirit guide” on social media, posted a TikTok video detailing what she does to “silently” take revenge in “small ways” on co-workers she doesn’t like.


“Maybe they don’t even notice, but it makes me feel better. You know what I’m saying?” Kay said.



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Kay began by explaining a Sharpie trick she plays on her fellow employees around the office. 

“I will take a pack of Sharpies, dry them out, and every time that co-worker leaves a Sharpie around, I’ll swap it out for the identical dried one and watch them slowly lose their mind,” she stated.

It would be incredibly frustrating to pick up a Sharpie that you knew was working fine just moments ago only to find that it no longer does.

Kay’s next two methods of revenge have to do with work emails that she sends.

“Second, if I’m addressing all the team members in an email, including the one I [expletive] hate, I will put their name in a slightly, like, smaller font,” she said.


Woman Shares 3 Ways She Gets Revenge On Co-Workers She DislikesPhoto: cottonbro studio / Pexels

Kay said this ensures no one thinks too much of themselves, especially the co-worker she is targeting. This sounds like it would also have a psychological effect on the person whose name is made smaller.

Kay’s final trick is to purposefully manipulate the order of who gets copied on her emails.


“The order of my CCs, um, definitely says a lot about who I like and dislike in the office,” she said. “So, if I don’t [expletive] care for you, you’re going to move down that CC list, and soon you’ll be at the very last.”

This might not sound like a big deal, but if you pay attention to Kay’s behavior, specifically the order in which she copies people on emails, it could be hurtful.

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Commenters were delighted by Kay’s ideas.

Fellow TikTok users who commented on Kay’s video loved her ideas for silent revenge.


“Using your CCs like it’s a MySpace top 8 is hilarious!” one person said.

Multiple people pointed out that they also put the CC name order trick into practice and were glad to know they weren’t the only ones.



Others shared their own stories of workplace pettiness. 

“There was this co-worker I didn’t like one time, and I would purposely take all but one piece of paper out of the printer so I [knew] that in the morning she would have to get up and refill it,” someone said.


Another person stated, “For me, I sign emails to co-workers I like … ‘kind regards.’ If I don’t like them I sign ‘regards.’ Not much, but I like it.”

At least one person thought Kay wasn’t going far enough. “The real flex is telling them to their face,” they said.

Not everyone agreed that pettiness was the way to go.

While many found Kay’s video hilarious, not everyone was a fan of what she suggested.


Woman Shares 3 Ways She Gets Revenge On Co-Workers She DislikesPhoto: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

“My revenge would be just ignoring them, do my work [and] leave,” someone said. “Letting that revenge energy fuel me will make me bitter [and] ruin my mood.”

Alex Alonso, the Society for Human Resource Management’s chief knowledge officer, told Convene, “Everyone would benefit from less pettiness in themselves and others” at the office.


While Kay’s ideas may be humorous, they have the ability to really hurt someone’s feelings. That’s never a good thing. Although we may not like everyone, it’s best not to target them in this way.

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