Woman Returns Her Entire Couch To Costco After 2 Years Because She Decided She Didn’t Like It Anymore

Some people argued that she was taking advantage of the return policy. However, the store allows customers to return unwanted items at any time.

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A woman is receiving mixed reactions after sharing the recent return she made to the popular retail store Costco. 

After two years, the woman decided to return her couch to Costco since she ‘didn’t like it anymore.’ 

Jackie Nguyen posted several videos on TikTok detailing her most recent return to Costco. In her first video, she took viewers along with her as she drove to the store with the couch in tow before returning it. 


Nguyen claimed that she purchased the couch two-and-a-half years ago shortly before her son was born. Since so much time had passed, she could not find the receipt for the couch and admitted that she was nervous to return it. 

Although Nguyen did not record the interaction she had with Costco employees while returning the couch, she did share an update explaining what happened during the process. 



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She raved about Costco’s “awesome return policy” and encouraged others to make all of their furniture purchases from the store. “You can return it if you don’t like it afterward,” she claimed, no matter how much time has passed since the purchase. 

Nguyen added that knowing the exact purchase date was helpful to the staff. “When I got up there, I already knew the date that I had bought it and had taken a photo of when we were bringing it to our apartment at the time because I was pregnant and I couldn’t lift it,” she said. 

“I told her [the employee] the date that I bought it, she looked it up in the computer, told me exactly which one it was… and that was it!” 

Nguyen was able to return the couch after disclosing to the employee that she simply didn’t like the color of it anymore. 

She was even able to receive a full refund for the purchase. 


Woman Returns Her Entire Couch To Costco After Two Years Because She Decided She Didn’t Like It AnymorePhoto: RossHelen / Canva Pro

While some people congratulated Nguyen on her successful couch return, others believed that she took advantage of the store’s return policy. 

Nguyen received so much backlash she disabled her comments section on the video. 

However, according to Costco’s website, the company is fully committed to the satisfaction of their customers and will allow them to return any of their items no matter how much time has passed since the purchase. 


It is important to note that there are a few exceptions when it comes to returning items to Costco. Items, including electronics, computers, and refrigerators can not be returned 90 days after they were bought. Diamonds require a receipt to be returned. 

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In response to the backlash over Nguyen's video, TikTok user Brittany pointed out that Costco places great value on customer satisfaction, considering that their customers must pay for a membership to even shop at their stores. 

“They [Costco] will literally do whatever you want,” she said. 




She added that Costco often promotes its lenient return policy to draw more shoppers in

Nguyen posted a follow-up video claiming that she even took a trip to Costco beforehand to ensure that she could return the couch without any issues. “I asked if I would be able to return my couch there. If not, I was gonna drive to the other Costco to see if I could return it there,” she said. 



A two-and-a-half-year-old couch is not even the most bizarre return that the company has ever experienced. 


Over the years, people have taken advantage of the return policy to the best of their abilities. One customer decided to return a casket following a funeral. Yes, following the funeral.



Another returned used face masks at the height of the pandemic. 



There should be no shame associated with exercising the right to return items to stores if the company offers a flexible return policy. In fact, a hassle-free return policy enhances customer satisfaction and builds trust, increasing the amount of customers and revenue. 


Just another reason to apply for a Costco membership! 

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