Woman Recalls Learning What A 'Poop Knife' Was At A Sleepover During Her Childhood — 'Do Other Families Have This?'

She was shocked to discover that this type of knife was common in her friend's house.

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A woman recalled the moment she learned just how different other families are while attending a sleepover as a child. 

In a TikTok video, content creator Tarayn Austin admitted that she was shocked about the specific tool that was kept in her childhood friend's home.

She recalled learning what a 'poop knife' was at a sleepover during her childhood.

"I was 8 years old when I found out what a poop knife was," Austin said. If viewers are unaware of what a poop knife is, they aren't alone. She, too, had no idea what it was until she was asked to attend a sleepover by her friend, Britney. 


Immediately, Austin was more than excited to go — she loved Britney and thought her 13-year-old brother "was like so hot."

Going over to Britney's house, Austin recalled that her Britney's family was "rich rich." They lived in a two-story home with a pool, a movie room, a closet full of snacks ... and something strange hanging on the wall of their laundry room.

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"I noticed that there's a knife on a rope hanging on the wall," she said. "I look and I'm like, that's weird, but I don't say anything about it because, honestly, I'm having a good time and I don't wanna ruin the vibe." 

"Everything continued, everything is great — completely forgot about the knife on the rope in the laundry room," Austin said, at least until the next morning.

Austin was eating breakfast with her friend and her brother, happily watching cartoons, when Britney's brother went upstairs. Suddenly, Austin heard the older brother yell to his mom that he "needs the knife." While Austin was understandably confused, her friend casually called back that she would get the knife for him.

"She goes into the laundry room, she grabs the knife off of the wall, and goes upstairs," Austin recalled. "She comes back down without the knife, sits down like nothing happened."  


Confused, Austin asked her friend where the knife had gone and was horrified to learn that the friend's brother was using it.

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She discovered that a 'poop knife' was used to cut up the poop in the toilet bowl.

"Calm, cool, and collected," Britney explained that her family kept a poop knife in the laundry room for "when your poop's too big to flush," and you have to "slice it with a knife."


"I have never been so shocked in my life because there were so many questions," Austin said. "Why is this a thing? Why is it such a big problem that we have a literal designated knife to it? What's the sanitation process?" 

Like many commenters, she was also confused as to why the knife needed to be in the laundry room instead of the bathroom.

According to Austin's friend, a poop knife is something common — though most TikTok commenters disagreed. On the subreddit "r/MusuemOfReddit," one anonymous Redditor shared a similar story, admitting that his own family had a poop knife growing up.


In the end, Austin left the sleepover and immediately asked her mother why they didn't have a poop knife. Her mom simply looked at her and said, "You're never spending the night at that girl's house again," something Austin was perfectly fine with.

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