Woman Fired From Her Job Of 15 Years While Going Through A Divorce & Losing Her House Is Told She Wasn't Terminated, She Was 'Set Free'

In the face of overwhelming loss, you might discover a new path to empowerment.

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When one too many doors close in your life, it's easy to wallow in sadness, disappointment, and even anger. However, sometimes, what appears to be a loss, is really an opportunity to embrace freedom.

Getting fired, losing a job, and ending a marriageare three of the hardest life transitions people go through and usually come with a huge sense of loss and grief

After getting fired from her job of 15 years while going through a divorce and losing her home, a woman reflected on how this change could be good for her.

The woman, who goes by @luna_and_finn__ on TikTok, posted a video sharing her sage perspective on the unfortunate series of events in her life recently.


After 15 years working in HR, eight of which she was at the director level, she was fired amidst the chaos she was already experiencing.

For many, experiencing job loss, in addition to facing divorce and homelessness, would only add more stress, despair, and uncertainty to their lives. This woman, however, chose to recognize the situation as an opportunity for a new life.

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“I believe they did me a favor,” she wrote. “It was the final door that needed closing on my old life. The last cord to be cut, releasing me from my old life." 

Rather than dwelling on the loss of stability and security, the woman focused on how these changes would widen her horizons.

While losing your job, partner, and home all at once is certainly a valid reason to panic, they can also serve as profound signs of a much-needed life reset. When things are no longer aligned or meant for your highest purpose, the universe has a funny way of removing you from the situation.

Commenters emphasized the beauty and positivity that can come from loss. 

Despite what seemed like a domino effect of loss, the woman reflected on the reality of her situation and came to a jarring revelation — her life was not in the midst of a miserable downfall but at the beginning of something new.


“I’m currently sitting in a room where all doors have been slammed shut in my face,” she expressed. "Everything is aligning perfectly to finally escape the matrix."

Devoid of the anchors that had previously defined her life, she decided to see her situation through a different lens. With the support of her viewers, she recognized the gift she was offered to rebuild her life and grow anew.  

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As one commenter pointed out, she wasn't terminated per se — she was "set free." Had she not experienced these forms of loss, she would have stayed stuck in a place that was no longer serving her.

"We are always one decision away from a whole new life," another commenter expressed. "Seems like someone made the decision for you, and it sounds like it’s going to be amazing."

"Being fired is not the worst thing that could ever happen to you; sometimes it’s the best," another person suggested.

Despite the fear such experiences threaten to bring out, the woman remained faithful.

Her journey has likely been challenging, but she has opted to remain open to receiving what life has to offer her next.


"I trust in divine timing. I believe everything happens for a reason, even if it doesn't make sense right now," she wrote in her video. "This is my way out, my chance at freedom. No clue what's next, but I'm ready for it."

When life throws change after change at you, take it as a sign to experiment with the various avenues you can pursue outside your original expectations. Reevaluate new career paths, explore the dreams you previously neglected, learn new skills, or move to a different city.

Losing everything that was once important to you can feel like you've hit rock bottom. Still, by trusting in the process and following your intuition, you can turn adversity into a powerful catalyst for positive change.


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