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Woman Films Herself Cleaning Her Christmas Tree In A Bathtub And Says We Should All Be 'Bathing' Our Trees Too

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As Christmas quickly approaches, many of us are unpacking our seasonal decor, festive ornaments, and, of course, Christmas trees, from our attics and storage units. Since it has been nearly a year since these decorations were last used, they will likely have gathered some dust or debris. 

Most people will simply wipe it off with their finger or a cloth, and place them in their usual spot for the next few weeks before they are packed up again. However, a new method of cleaning your Christmas decorations, specifically your artificial tree, has gained popularity, and many people have strong opinions about it. 

Some people insist you must wash your Christmas tree in the bathtub before putting it up. 

The phenomenon of Christmas tree bathing surfaced after several social media users shared videos of themselves placing their artificial trees in their bathtubs to clean them off. 

TikTok user Rhema filmed herself placing her tree in a running bathtub and washing it with dish soap, before setting it up in her living room. 



Other people have admitted that they do the same to their own Christmas trees before putting them out on display

“If you ain’t washing your Christmas tree, what are you doing?” Reby Hardy said in her own video as she hosed down her pink Christmas tree in her backyard. Hardy claimed that her tree was initially “dusty” and that by washing it off, it appeared to be brighter in color and reduced the amount of dust and allergens in her home. 



While some people agree that you should wash off your Christmas tree before setting it up, others are perplexed as to why one would even consider doing such a thing in the first place. 

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Some people find washing off an artificial Christmas tree unnecessary. 

“Sometimes I think some people clean just to make other people feel dirty,” one person wrote on X in response to those who wash their Christmas trees.

“If I get 10 years out of my tree it will be time to replace it. It won't get dirty enough to matter in ten years time, especially when it's in a sealed bag for nearly 11 months of the year,” another user shared. 

“Never in my life will I clean my Christmas tree,” TikTok user Sharon shared in a video before revealing her own Christmas tree, showcasing that not washing it has not stripped it of its sparkle. 



Others noted that washing your Christmas tree could lead to even bigger, and dirtier, issues such as mold. 

While those who wash their trees may argue that doing so eliminates dust and bugs, it is not recommended that you wash them using your bathtub or hose. 

According to Balsam Hill, a Christmas tree and decor company, you should avoid spraying water, soap, vinegar, or other cleaning agents on your tree, as it will negatively affect the quality of the tree over time. Cleaning solutions can also cause the tree branches to fade in color. 

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If you want to keep your Christmas trees as clean as possible before the holiday season, the company recommends using a clean and dry cloth or a fiber duster to dust off the tips of the branches at least once a week. 

Once Christmas has come and gone and your tree goes back into storage, you should place it into a durable storage bag, sealing it tightly to protect it from moisture. 

Like any decoration that sits in an attic or storage unit for the majority of the year, Christmas trees require maintenance to keep them in the best condition during the on and off-season, especially if you want them to last a long time. 

However, when it comes to the trees, you can hold off on the bubble baths and stick with just a small rag. The holidays are busy enough. We don’t have to add tossing our Christmas trees in the tub for a wash to our already endless to-do lists

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