Woman Discovered A Squatter Had Been Living In Her Bedroom For The Last 4 Months Without Her Realizing

She learned that the squatter had been sleeping in her bed and eating her food whenever she wasn't home.

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A woman admitted that she was left traumatized after learning that someone had been breaking into her home and living in her room for months — and she was completely unaware it had been happening. 

In a TikTok video, Kristine Chmura revealed anyone's worst fear and explained how she found out that there was a squatter in her house.

She discovered a squatter had been living in her bedroom for 4 months without her realizing.

Chmura explained that she bought her first house when she was 26, moved into it with her children, and worked 80 to 90 hours a week quite far away from her house. On top of that, Chmura and her children would spend 2 to 3 nights a week at her parent's house because she needed help and support with her children.


"So, if I was gone at 4 o'clock in the morning, chances are I was gone until 8/9 o'clock at night. I was gone all the time," Chmura recalled. 

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A couple of months after moving in, she went out with her mom and sister. After drinking too much, she stayed the night at her mom's house and went back to her own home in the morning.

When she got home, she decided to take a nap and as she was lying in bed, she suddenly heard a noise. At first, Chmura assumed it was probably a mouse or some kind of rodent since she lived in a farmhouse, and those types of animals were quite common to see scurrying around here and there.

"I lean over the side of my bed. I see blue jeans and black socks sticking out from underneath my bed," Chmura continued. She immediately screamed, jumped out of bed, and grabbed all of her personal belongings before running completely out of the house. 

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Sitting in her car, Chmura called 911 and explained to the operator that there was someone in her house, and she just discovered them lying underneath her bed.

Parking her car across the street but still having a clear view of her house, Chmura noticed that the guy she'd hired to mow her lawn was walking out of her front door. He put on his shoes and started walking down the street as if he hadn't just been caught in someone else's home. The police eventually showed up, and one officer came to talk to her while the other one went off to find the man.

As Chmura and the police officer walked around her home, she noticed peculiar things, including a plate of toast sitting on the counter that the stranger must've made, some of her pain pills were missing, her grandfather's coin collection was gone, and some other possessions were also nowhere to be found, most likely taken by him. 

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'The kid admitted to the cop to have been living in my house for 4 months.'

Chmura learned that this person had been sleeping in her bed while she was at work or at her mother's house. When he heard her come home on the day that she found him, he immediately jumped out of her bed and thought he would hide underneath it until she left again.

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He explained that he'd break in while Chmura was gone and would use her shower, play her children's PlayStation, eat her food, and even drink the milk in her fridge. It's safe to say that Chmura was incredibly disgusted and that her personal space was violated by a random person coming in and out without her knowing.

"When they find him, they find out that he's homeless," Chmura learned. The cops also found the lawnmower that he used to cut Chmura's grass, and inside of it were even weirder things, like her underwear, her friend's sister's underwear, which meant that he was squatting at other people's houses, not just Chmura's.

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Despite how rare squatting is, mentions of "squatters" were 14 times more common throughout the last week of March 2024 than they were a month earlier in social media posts, podcasts, and other public statements from high-profile right-wing politicians, commentators, and influencers, according to a Washington Post analysis.

Many people have pointed out that the sudden rise in squatters has a direct correlation to the housing crisis, which many politicians and legislators have been starkly ignoring.

An unprecedented amount of Americans can't afford housing right now, and with other choices, they've resorted to breaking into other people's homes instead of taking their chances on the street or at homeless shelters.

It's an incredibly scary situation that Chmura went through, but things like this prove that we need more resources and government assistance for homeless people. Just allowing them to exist in this world without protection or safety is a cruel injustice that ends up not only affecting them but also the community of people around them. 


Without adequate housing, homeless people are forced to do whatever they can to feel safe, including thrusting themselves into desperate and dangerous situations.

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