Woman Cuts One Thing Out Of Her Diet And After Just 2 Weeks Her Face Looks Completely Different

She is now sharing with others how to do the same.

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After a woman decided to cut out one specific item from her diet, she noticed drastic changes to her face in just a few weeks. 

Now, she is encouraging others to do the same for quick results.

The woman cut sugar from her diet and noticed significant changes to her face in just a month. 

After Brooke Bryant stumbled across a video posted by fellow TikTok user Brendan Oxford, suggesting cutting sugar from your diet could slim the appearance of your face, she decided to try it out for herself. 


According to Oxford, cutting sugar can cause weight loss that is particularly noticeable in your face. “It would go from being rounded and puffy to a more slender, sleek face,” he said. 



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“The reason that you lose weight when you cut sugar is because your body will switch fuel sources, and it will start to burn fat cells because we know that body fat and sugar are the two fuel sources for your body,” he explained. 

“When you deprive your body of that added sugar, you give it a chance to burn the stored fat.” 

After Bryant decided to give up sugar, she discovered that Brendan’s claims were correct and noticed the changes in just two and a half weeks

In a TikTok video of her own, she shared two photos of herself with viewers before she cut out sugar, and compared them to how her face currently appears. In the photos, Bryant’s face was noticeably more swollen and puffy than it is now. “You can just see it under my cheeks!” she pointed out. 




While she said that her face still isn’t perfect, it has a much slender look to it than it did before she pulled the brakes on sugar. 

“If you’re thinking about doing no sugar, do it!” she urged viewers. 

In another video, Bryant shared some of her favorite snacks with no sugar added that she still enjoys as part of her new diet. 


Some of her go-to healthy treats include strawberries with sugar-free whipped cream, frozen grapes, and “energy balls” consisting of oatmeal, honey, peanut butter, and sugar-free chocolate chips. 

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If you want to go no sugar, it is important to know the distinctions between sugar-free and no-sugar-added items. 

Sugar-free products are considered food items that contain less than .5g of sugar per 100 mL or 100g. Examples of sugar-free products include seafood, chicken, beef, nuts and seeds. 


No sugar-added products are those that have no sugar added as an ingredient. Examples of no-sugar-added products include fruits, beans, vegetables, and unsweetened dairy such as yogurt, cheese, and eggs. 

To ensure that food items are sugar-free or have no added sugars, check the labels that are usually found on the packaging of products. 

Woman Notices Facial Changes After Cutting One Specific Item From Her Diet  Photo: Brian A Jackson / Shutterstock 


Foods and beverages with added sugars list the grams and the percent Daily Value (%DV) for added sugars within the Nutrition Facts label. If the words “includes” are printed on the label before added sugars, this indicates that added sugars are included in the total number of grams of the product. 



Switching to a diet that consists of no-sugar-added foods can do more for your body than reduce face puffiness. 

According to Health, cutting back on sugary products can regulate blood sugar levels, which decreases the risk of type 2 diabetes, improves heart and oral health, and increases energy levels. 

Reducing sugar intake is also beneficial for your mental health, lowering anxiety and depression and promoting concentration. 


Although it can be difficult to cut back on sugar or eliminate it from your diet entirely at first, the changes you will make will be well worth it! 

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