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Woman Calls Out People Who 'Ruined' Her Disneyland Photos But Others Believe She Had It Coming

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A woman striking poses at the iconic Disneyland theme park in California called out other park guests who had allegedly “ruined” her photo ops. 

However, many people pointed out that the only person to blame was herself, slamming her as “entitled” for believing that the public theme park was her personal photo background. 

The woman criticized other parkgoers for appearing in the background of her photos. 

Social media influencer Dani Jackel recently took a trip to Disneyland. Of course, that meant she had to take all the photos she could at the park to share with her followers. Jackel snapped shots of herself on Main Street in front of the castle, eating one of the legendary Disneyland pickles, in front of the Columbia Harbor Ship, and other iconic park landmarks. 



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However, she could not help but notice that in every photo, there was at least one person in the background photobombing. Most of these people were likely unaware that Jackel was even taking photos, but unfortunately happened to look in the camera’s direction, were yawning in the background, or were unintentionally noticeable. 

Jackal dubbed these parkgoers who appeared in her photos as “Karens” who “ruined” her Disneyland pictures. “It’s as if no one’s ever seen a photo being taken before,” Jackal captioned her TikTok video where she shared the pictures. 

Most people believed she was the only one to blame for her photos not turning out exactly how she wanted them. 

“Imagine going to a busy theme park like Disneyland, standing in the middle of a busy street to take a photo, and getting upset with people that they look at you as they walk past you,” TikTok user Joey Swoll said in response to Jackel’s video. “The narcissism today is unbelievable. These influencers today think that just because they have a phone and a camera, they can do what they want.” 



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Swoll pointed out that influencer or not, every Disneyland guest paid a lot of money to get into the park and one person is not more entitled than another. Others agreed with Swoll’s words. 

“Well said, sir. So many people think that they own the world,” one TikTok user commented. “I’m so tired of it. ‘Boo, they didn’t clear Main Street so that I could take a pic’,” another user wrote. 

“It’s one of the most crowded times of the year at Disneyland. Of course, there’s gonna be people in the background of your photos!” another user noted. 

In places like Disney theme parks, it's nearly impossible to get a solo shot of yourself with a clear background given the number of people that are there a day.

disneylandPhoto: dorengo5 / Shutterstock 

However, many Disney park-affiliated photographers are posted in front of well-known photo op spots, such as on Main Street in front of the castle, and in front of iconic rides including Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Regal Carousel. These photographers are not only happy to take shots of guests and their families, but they also can photoshop strangers out of the photos so that it appears you are the only ones in the park.  While it may be a little on the pricey side, it is worth it if you want that perfect Disneyland picture. 

If you are taking your own pictures on your phone, you’re just going to have to deal with the fact that there are thousands of other guests at the park with you who just may happen to be in your photos as well. 

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