Why People Who Press Snooze On Their Morning Alarm Are Smarter, According To Research

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Woman checking her phone and annoyed in bed in the morning

If you’re like me, hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock is like a tiny fairy gently kissing your eyelids and putting you back down to rest just a wee bit more before you get to go on and start your day. 

For some people, hitting that precious button is a godsend every morning — right before you realize that you’re going to have to hear your alarm two or three times more, that is.

But you may have a little bit more going on for yourself than just getting extra sleep if you press that snooze button like it’s going out of style. You might actually be one smart cookie.

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In fact, if you’re incapable of getting out of bed without hitting that button in the morning, it might actually be a sign that you’re smarter than the average Bear.

Apparently, being able to listen to your body’s request for more sleep and throw off the mantle of strictly enforced schedules that other people put on you might just mean that you’re actually more intuitive and by that end, more creative, says a 2010 study.

Yes, if you’re more inclined to pay attention to your body’s needs weigh them against your schedule, and choose sleep, then you’re more in tune with what’s going on with you.

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Or you’re just lazy... but for the sake of argument, it’s important to note that lazier people tend to be smarter, too. After all, they have to rest and save all their energy for how smart they have to be.

So whether you snooze because you stayed up late binge-watching Netflix, you incredibly smart night owl, or because you’re just a bit tired in the morning and want to give yourself a few more Zzz’s, science says you’re actually smarter than those who just jump out of bed at the first trilling of their screeching-devil alarm clocks.

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This is great news: It turns out that if you’re an anxious, disorderly, stays-up-late-at-night person who presses snooze at least once (or more) in the morning, you’re basically a borderline creative genius.

So next time someone smugly tries to tell you that it’s “the early bird that gets the worm,” just press your snooze button, pull your eye mask back down, and rest easy knowing that the early bird is stressing himself out for absolutely no reason because you might just be smarter, healthier, and, yeah, definitely happier than someone who’s fool enough to wake up early to chase worms.

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