Staying In Makes You Smarter And Richer, Says Science

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There’s nothing better than getting ready for a night out on the town with all your guys and girls, pre-gaming in the shower, and then getting dressed to dazzle, picking your highest heels as you head out... to an overcrowded bar, with too-loud music, and that one sweaty guy that keeps dancing too close to you all night.

Okay, maybe there are some things better than that. Like... staying in, perhaps?

People work hard, play hard, and leave a little time in the middle to just relax and have some actual “down” time. This can be overwhelming and detrimental to many other areas of your life.

Sometimes going out can be a joy; there are fun times to be had, yummy foods to try, drinks to sip, and, of course, friends to schmooze with.

But maybe being a bit of a “grandma” and staying in with a cup of tea and a book might actually be better for your mental, physical, and monetary health than partying it up until four in the morning every week.

There are always reasons for going out, and by no means can you simply never go out again (even though some of us do try, by George), but these excursions can take it out of you.

So what exactly can you “fix” by staying at home? Plenty! Take a step back and ease into some comfy slippers instead of your dancing shoes. Need more proof before you sit it out for a week or so?

Here are three ways that staying in actually makes you smarter and improves your health, happiness, and finances:

1. You will save a bunch of cash.

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It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that a bunch of your hard-earned money can get sucked away by just a few hours out. Drinks? Expensive. Food? Expensive. Cab fare, event parking, admission costs... It can all add up relatively quickly, and before you know it, you’re down a hundred bucks. But what’s the real cost?

If you’re one of the many, many people in the US that earn around ten dollars an hour, when you spend fifty dollars on a meal and some drinks, you’ve literally just sent five hours of your life into your tummy. Do this once a week, and you’re looking at around twenty hours of your hard work going straight into the toilet each month — quite literally!

So, if you limit your time out in the world and instead have a meal at home, a cheap bottle of wine, and curl up with some Netflix, your wallet will absolutely thank you for the investment. You can always use the money you’ve saved on something really great later down the line, too!

2. You’ll actually get some healthy “me” time to really unwind.

I don’t know about you, but getting older has certainly taught me that I can’t keep pretending I’m 21 and hangovers are a fairy tale. Drinking as an adult versus drinking as a “young” adult is quite different, and your body knows it.

Ever go into work the next day after a binge when you’re straddling your thirties? It feels like Death woke you up by hacking you in the brain with his scythe. If you’re going out once a week when you could be at home, relaxing and not scaling the probability of liver failure up with every drink, then you’re wearing yourself — and your liver! — down.

Maybe try catching up on a show you’ve been missing out on, do some self-introspection, take up a new hobby, spend time with your family, or even just take a walk and enjoy nature. You’ll get a chance to connect to your loved ones and your own body in a healthy way, and you won’t feel the need to chug pain killers and Alka-Seltzer in the morning. In fact, you might actually wake up feeling refreshed and at ease with yourself!

3. It can actually make you SMARTER.

If you’re out every night having fun, your social needs are completely fulfilled. But what about your mental needs? The cheapest, easiest way to get smarter is to put a physical book in your hand and get those pages turning. Yes, that’s really it! No tricks, just go read!

Science has already proven that you’re not born with a limit on your potential. You’re a creature that can change, grow, and yes, do things that make you smarter. So when you’re limiting your time out of the house, you can increase the time you’re learning.

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There are tons of hobbies that can actually make you happier, and reading will increase your intelligence regardless of whether you’re reading the latest sci-fi novel you’ve been eyeing or the Wall Street Journal. It can help reduce blood pressure, stress, expand your vocabulary, help you sleep, and even improve empathy. And the money you’ve been saving from going out can help expand your library, too!

So, while going out can be a blast, you don’t need to do it all the time. Next time your friends ask you to go clubbing, maybe decline the invitation for some personal relaxation and introspection.

You can enrich your brain, make yourself happier, healthier, and yes, a little richer. Maybe you can even learn a thing or two just by snuggling into your jammies and curling up with a good read while they post bathroom selfies on Facebook all night long.

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Your brain, wallet, and liver will thank you in the morning, I promise.

Meredith Najjar has been a writer with YourTango since 2016 who specializes in love and relationship topics.