Why You Should Never Put Chocolate In The Fridge, According To Research

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There are few things quite as comforting and delicious as chocolate. Eating chocolate is hardly ever a bad idea, but you may have been wondering how to store chocolate the right way. 

Although you previously may have thought that storing chocolate in the fridge is okay, it's actually quite the opposite. According to a 2017 report by Daily Mail, the fridge is actually the very last place you should ever store your chocolate.

In fact, the only reason you should consider storing it there is if the temperature in your kitchen is too hot — because, of course, chocolate should always be kept away from any kind of heat.

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The way in which you should keep your chocolate fresh can depend on what type of chocolate you have, but there are a few general rules when it comes to preserving your treats.

Milk chocolate can actually last for up to a year, while dark chocolate can last for two. The ideal temperature to keep your chocolate fresh is between 65 - 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, room temperature is good for chocolate.

If you absolutely must put chocolate in the refrigerator, make sure that it's sealed very tight as condensation can easily form on the chocolate and can even change its taste. And no one ever wants to change the taste of chocolate. It's already perfect.

If condensation does form, it can cause sugar bloom. When this happens, it creates rough, dull blotches and spots on the chocolate. Don't worry, though. It sounds a lot worse than it really is. You can still eat chocolate that has sugar bloom.

But what if you have a specific type of chocolate you want to store?

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Here are some common types of chocolate and the best ways to keep them fresh:

1. Truffles

This depends on whether you've bought them from a store or made them yourself. If the truffles are store-bought, they need to be kept in a dark pantry at a cool room temperature. They must be away from sunlight. If they're homemade and you've used cream for them, they can be stored in the fridge in an airtight container.

2. Chocolate chips

Before you start making some yummy chocolate chip cookies, it's important to know how to store those chips. Chocolate chips can actually survive in higher temperatures than normal chocolate because they don't have as much cocoa butter. However, to best preserve them, they should be stored in a dark place at the same temperature as other chocolates. The sunlight rule also applies and they need to be packed up tight. If you follow these tips, you should have no problem making tons of chocolate chip cookies. Yum!

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3. Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder should never be kept in the fridge. Ideally, it should be stored in an airtight container at room temperature in a cool, dark place.

4. Chocolate bars

Bars of chocolate are actually the easiest kind of chocolate to store because they are also the most stable kind of chocolate. The most important thing to do is to keep it from getting too warm, of course. The best place to keep a chocolate bar is the pantry. Only store it in the fridge if your kitchen is too warm and if you do, make sure that they are properly stored. Tight wrapping or a baggie will do.

These are the best ways to store chocolate so that it has a lasting shelf life to help you enjoy your treats longer. And if none of these ideas work for you, there's always one excellent idea to fall back on, just eat it! Well, it's certainly the easiest (and tastiest!) option.

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