Why Your Cat Sits On Your Laptop When You’re Trying To Work, According To An Animal Communicator

Your companion is looking out for you.

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Has your cat ever bothered you while you were trying to work from home? No matter how many times you give your cat the attention they need, they always wind up sitting on your laptop while you’re using it.

It turns out that what your cat is actually doing is more meaningful than you think — according to Animal Communicator Danielle MacKinnon, your cat knows you need to take a break from working.


MacKinnon explained that cats are ‘intuitively connected’ to you, so they know exactly what you think and feel.

Although cats may sleep 12 to 18 hours a day, their senses are very intuned to your emotions and actions. So, that means they have a motive when they find a comfy spot right on your keyboard.

Each time your furry friend plops himself onto your laptop, although you are very busy working on it, they are protecting you from overloading yourself. 



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Cats cannot communicate like humans do. They have a sense of language, but not in terms of speaking words with their mouths. Instead, they use small noises and body language to catch their owners' attention.

Your cat does not lie on your laptop simply because they are looking for a way to annoy you or a way to bring your attention to them. All they want is for their owners to be careful about overloading themselves with stress and anxiety.

Cats have an innate ability to understand "non-verbal" cues.

They pay attention to the body language and facial expressions their owner makes. According to AnimalWised, this is the exact reason why people think their cats are judging them — because they are always looking at their humans!

It turns out, cats don’t judge humans at all! They are always watching and trying to figure out how to respond to different people and circumstances.


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Cats know what you need at the ‘deepest levels’ because they’re thinking about your needs.

Often mislabeled as selfish, cats are actually the exact opposite. In fact, your furry feline is thinking about you all the time. According to My Lovely Feline, cats look to their owners as mother-like figures for guidance, comfort, and love.

Why Your Cat Sits On Your Laptop When You’re Trying To WorkPhoto: Caterina Trimarchi / Shutterstock


So, when it comes to getting in your way in the middle of a stressful project, “They know that you need this in this moment as well,” MacKinnon said.

If anything changes in your mood, cats notice right away. Just like you are there for your cat's needs, they will reciprocate.

The next time your cat jumps onto your laptop, don’t shove them off — They're just looking out for their best human friend.


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