What It Means When You Dream About Eating

You might be in need of balance and nourishment in your life, or might just be really hungry.

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There’s nothing like digging into a delicious plate of food, only to wake up and realize it was all a dream. And now you’re hungry.

The foods you consume have spiritual and energetic effects on the mind, body and soul — this applies to both the real food you eat in your waking life and the dream food you visualize in your sleep. You know what they say, you are what you eat!

What it means if you dream about eating food

Dreams about food might indicate an imbalance in your life. Whether you dream about eating chocolate cake, a hamburger or strawberries, interpretations depend on two main factors, according to the World of Dreams dream dictionary:

  • The specific food and environment in which you are eating
  • Your subconscious needs, desires and fears

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Some people believe dreaming about food is a bad omen

On a deeper level, some religious and spiritual individuals advise against consuming any food in dreams and consider it to be a form of witchcraft. Some believe the dream food you are consuming in your dream may carry ill intent from an otherworldly source and affect you in your waking life.



Dreaming about food may mean you're recognizing qualities in yourself that you admire in others

In an article for PsychCentral, Jeremy Taylor, ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and author of "The Wisdom of Your Dreams," wrote that dreaming about the consumption of food may mean that you're "withdrawing projections." He notes that when you eat food, the food "becomes" you, symbolizing you taking on the qualities of others in your waking life.


Dreams about eating sweets

Sweet, sugary foods, such as chocolate, ice cream, cookies or cake, represent life’s treats. You may subconsciously feel you lack excitement in your life, and you crave comforting or meaningful experiences. 

Dreams about eating fruits and vegetables

It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables are the cleanest foods you can eat, and people usually crave them when they desire a cleanse. You might need to ground and nurture yourself and improve your health. Release toxic patterns, habits or people in your life that no longer serve you.

Fruit is also a symbol of goal achievement and growth, so either you have already achieved a certain goal in your life, or you are about to. Good things are coming your way.


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Dreams about eating junk food

Processed food and fast food are known to be detrimental to your health and addictive. Indulging in this kind of food increases your inability to resist negative temptations.

You are unfulfilled by life and feeling very anxious. You may be searching for quick, easy fixes to your problems, but they likely won’t resolve them. 


Dreams about eating fish

According to a medium known as Aunty Flo, who has a degree with a focus on dream psychology, eating fish is a sign of good fortune, so you will hear good news soon. You'll find growth and positive development in your job and finances.

Dreams about your partner eating

You might be feeling they are enjoying certain aspects of life without you or that do not involve you. You may feel bitter, jealous and envious. You may not agree with their choices or lifestyle, or you want more of their attention. This is a subconscious sign for you to communicate your concerns and needs with your partner.

Dreams about eating with family and loved ones

You crave comfort, unity and connection, or you already have it. Food is characterized as a love language, especially when eaten with family. This is a sign to build strong relationships and connect with those who support and love you. 

Dreams about eating in a restaurant

Restaurants and cafes symbolize inviting environments to enjoy and share meals together, so you may be feeling lonely and craving social interactions and connections with others. You might want to treat yourself and find more meaning and connection in your experiences.


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Dreams about eating too much

Aunty Flo has noted that eating too much in your dream may symbolize you having too much on your plate (pun intended), leaving you struggling to balance everything at once. You are stressed out and need to take things more slowly.

Dreams about being deprived of food

Whether you are restricting yourself from food with a strict diet, or you feel unhappy and discontent with your life, this is a sign you are lacking love and care, either from yourself and/or from others. You need to evaluate what your mind, body and soul need and make time for self-care. You are entering a stage of independence and taking the initiative to care for yourself. 

Dreams about eating bugs

If you are eating bugs, or finding bugs in your food, this can indicate strong feelings of anxiety and stress in your life, according to the World of Dreams dream dictionary. You may feel your life is filled with inconvenient tasks and chores, and it all feels like too much to manage.


Dreams about poisonous food

Consuming unappetizing meals, like decaying meat, charcoal or maggots, can symbolize food poisoning to the mind, body and soul, which can lead to mental and physical illness.

Watch out for negative relationships, behaviors and habits in your life, and pay attention to your choices.

It's important to acknowledge what the underlying meanings of your dreams are.

Pay attention to what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you so you can better nourish and fulfill your needs and desires. After all, food is symbolic in nature. Whatever your dream about food entails, you are not only consuming the imaginary dream food but the energy it carries as well — positive or negative — which will show up in your waking life.


Be mindful of the type of food you eat in your dreams — but chances are you might just be hungry.

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