What It Means When Someone Says Your Look Is 'On Fleek'

It's more than just "awesome."

Last updated on Jan 25, 2023

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How many times during the day do you use the phrase “awesome”? That’s awesome. Your outfit is awesome. Michelle’s party was awesome. A lot, right? (It’s sort of a go-to for me, too.)

But what if I told you there was another way to convey the same sentiment? Another term you can use that will replace "awesome" with something much more, umm... awesome?

Thankfully, there is another word that means the same thing as "awesome." Enter “on fleek:" an awesome phrase to add to any vocabulary.


What does on fleek mean?

Of course, "on fleek" can mean numerous things. It is a slang term used to describe precision and perfection.

According to Urban Dictionary, "on fleek" is used to describe something which is “hella good” or “on point” and, yes, it can be used to denote something which is amazing or awesome — i.e., the school dance was "on fleek," or that meditation class was "on fleek."

But the phrase isn’t new.

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Origin of On Fleek

In fact, according to People Magazine, “‘on fleek’ dates back to at least 2003, when its Urban Dictionary definition was created.”


At that time, it was used to describe something that was “smooth, nice, sweet. [But] in 2009, a second definition — as a synonym for 'awesome' — was submitted.”

Other origins date back to a video posted on Vine (yes, Gen Z, before TikTok, there was a glorious app called Vine).

Back in 2014, a woman named Peaches Monroee, whose real name is Kayla Newman, uploaded a six-second video to the platform, describing her eyebrows and makeup as "on fleek."

Though she was never given credit for turning the phrase into mainstream slang, the music industry began incorporating "on fleek" into their songs.


And, since that time, the phrase has evolved into what it is today, mainly thanks to regular and celebrity usage (including Kim Kardashian; and in 2014, Ariana Grande sang the line from Monroee's video, which was when it hit critical mass.)

Even after Grande's use of the word, other singers and celebs followed suit, including B.o.B. and his song, aptly titled, “Fleek.”

Corporate foundation like Denny's, Taco Bell, and IHOP also joined the bandwagon using "on fleek" in their tweets and promotional materials.

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How To Use On Fleek In Texts & Conversation

That said, if you are new to the phrase, you may not know how to use it.So, here are a few examples of when and how you can incorporate "on fleek" into your life.

1. To express perfection

One of the most common uses of the phrase, this usage conveys both precision and perfection.

"Jane’s eyebrows are on fleek."

2. To compliment someone’s appearance

"On fleek" can be used for other physical appearances as well. Red lips? Smokey eye? Girl, you slay.

"Your makeup is on fleek."

3. To compliment a skill you have

What can I say? I know how to take a good picture, and everyone should know it.

"My selfie game is on fleek."


4. To praise someone's work

Nothing conveys the meaning of "on fleek" quite like a killer manicure. So, when you've gotten a manicure from the salon, or done one yourself, shower some praise on your work of art.

"Trisha’s nails are on fleek."

5. To describe an event

Sometimes, “awesome” isn’t adequate to describe something so amazing, and John’s party is a prime example. Pool floats, LED lights, a DJ? — totally "on fleek."


"John’s party was seriously on fleek."

6. As a replacement word for awesome

Because, yes, like the word "awesome," "on fleek" has the power to stand alone.

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