7 Ways To Ground Yourself When Daily Chaos Makes You Lose It

Do you struggle to stay calm? This is for you.

Last updated on Aug 17, 2023

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Life can get chaotic and complex enough even when we don’t add the turmoil of the whole world to the mix. Yet, the world’s chaos is mostly unavoidable.

Electronic media can weigh you down with overwhelming negative news that promotes fear, violence, and despair twenty-four hours a day in multiple endless streams.

The negativity pokes fear into your survival brain and the stress builds. All you want to do is experience joy and happiness without having to bury your head in the sand.


How can anyone stay grounded inside all this daily chaos and enjoy life again?

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Here are 7 ways to ground yourself when daily chaos makes you lose it:

1. Stay mindful.

Practicing mindfulness is a great place to start. Mindfulness is a meditation practice to help you to live in the moment. The good news is that living in the moment does not require you to silence the mind. It is as normal for your mind to think as it is for your heart to beat.


Mindfulness can help you quiet the mind and not get overly attached to your thoughts. If you have never done this, you will need a lot of practice because you are developing a new habit.

Start small with a goal you can achieve. You might want to begin by meditating for five minutes each day. Then slowly increase the amount of time as you grow more comfortable.

Your daily practice can help you reconnect with your highest self and lead to a more meaningful life. We are at our best when we are open to our 3 energy centers: the body (physical), heart, (emotions), and head (thoughts).

You will discover a new inner knowledge of yourself and you will grow to trust it. Over time, you will find the inner peace to live with hope, joy, and purpose.


2. Exercise and watch what you eat.

You've probably heard this before: "You are what you eat." When you are grounded, you pay more attention to how your physical and emotional self responds to different types of food. Your body will let you know what it needs.

Your body will also let you know what type of exercise it needs. Have you heard you should exercise until it hurts? You can cause a serious injury if you don’t pay attention to the wisdom of your body. If your body is hurting, you probably have pushed yourself too far.

Your body is unique. What others need does not necessarily mean you need the same thing. If you have unsuccessfully tried exercise and diet programs, do not despair. The more you practice mindfulness, the better you will be at giving your body what it needs by observing how your body responds.

3. Spend time with friends.

Spending time in person with good friends can brighten your day. Have you noticed the difference between messaging, texting, talking on the phone, and visiting in person?


Meeting in person is always the most powerful way to connect with another person.

Most importantly, you communicate not only with your words but with your whole body. There is so much communication you miss when you can't see the other person face to face, body to body.

A grounded person can learn a lot about other people by reflecting on the feelings experienced while sharing space. You simply need to be open to fully experience another person and be willing to go deep within yourself.

Have you noticed you treat and are treated better when you are in the same space? That's because there is no place to hide. It is so much easier for people to not be accountable when they can delete the message, block the friend, and close the app. In face-to-face communication you can't escape taking ownership, so generally people behave more mindfully.


4. Try music therapy.

Listen to music and songs to inspire you. What is your favorite song? Have you ever noticed what you experience when you hear different types of music or songs? Many of us are oblivious to how much music impacts us.

Music and songs can touch us on a deep level. Some music gets us angry. Some music brings us feelings of peace. Some music is very disturbing. Have you ever reflected on how screenwriters use music to heighten the emotions in a movie?

What music calms your mind? What songs help you cry? What songs bring out your courage? Remember though, what brings out emotion in you won’t necessarily bring it out the same emotion in the same way in another person.

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5. Do random acts of kindness.

Practicing random acts of kindness not only helps others, but it also changes the way you experience the world.

Have you noticed how good you feel after doing something positive for another person, an animal, or for the environment? Acting with love changes the way you experience the world.

When you act with compassion, your own energy is transformed. The energy of compassion permeates your whole being. You may not always be aware of it, but the people you meet are impacted by the emotional, spiritual, and physical energy you emanate.

You attract people with the same type of energy. Compassion attracts people with compassion. Calm attracts people who are calm. Contentment attracts people who are content. You will also attract those who desire to change. You can be a shining light for those caught in the storms of life.


6. Experience the joy of playing.

Do you remember the joy of playing when you were a child? Playing helps you find the inner child within you. A way of being when you are open, free, and nonjudgemental allows you to experience the world through the lens of wonder and simplicity.

Growing up, you had to wear armor to protect yourself from all life throws at you. This is your ego at work. You could not survive without your ego, but as an adult, it can hamper your growth. The good news is play can rekindle the same spirit in you.

Finding your true self through play can begin your journey of transformation. When you begin to reside in a place of openness, wisdom, and love, the impossible suddenly becomes possible.

7. Volunteer with like-minded people.

Volunteering for an awesome non-profit organization is a great way to find hope, meaning, and joy in life. What are your favorite non-profits? How would you like to make a difference in the world? What skills do you have to offer?


There are so many ways to volunteer in the world. Do you like to work in teams or do you work best alone? Maybe this will even lead to a job of your dreams.

Volunteering with a group that fits your values can change the way you see the world. When you feel good about what you do; you can change your emotions, your body chemistry, and the lens with which you see the world.

The world will start to look a lot friendlier when you make a regular practice of following these ways to ground yourself. You can choose to move from despair to hope and be a light to the world.

With mindful intention, you can stay grounded no matter what is happening in the world. You can ground yourself by caring for your body, emotions, and thoughts. Meditation helps you to stay in touch with your inner self. Caring for your body through exercise and eating well is life-giving.


Connecting with friends helps you to stay connected. Music and songs uplift your spirit. Playing like a child opens your heart to experience the world with openness. Last and not least, volunteer for an organization that fits your values which helps you to radiate hope wherever you go.

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Roland Legge is an author, certified spiritual life coach, and teacher of the Enneagram. He helps people connect to their inner selves and find alignment with their highest purpose and values.