Vampire Couple's Bizarre Fetish Is To Feed On Each Other’s Blood

This vampire couple likes a whole lot of blood in the bedroom.

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Someone took their Twilight obsession a little too far. The world is pretty cool with the whole BDSM thing after Fifty Shades, but this couple is taking it to the next level.

Cutting each other with razor blades and feeding on the blood, Lea and Tim have a vampire fetish.

Twenty-year-old Lea is a fetish model, and 31-year-old Tim is a tarot card reader. They are from Austin, Texas, and met during a vampire festival. Once their eyes met, this vampire couple realized each other’s passion for the darker things in life, and their relationship quickly grew.


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Getting as close to real vampires as possible, the couple refers to themselves as the "Count and Countess of House Van Doorn." Alrighty then.

Sucking blood is a big part of their sex life, and they agree that "sucking blood is literally a sensation like no other." Their typical foreplay involves cutting each other with a razor and then sucking out the blood directly or taking it out with syringes, putting it into goblets, and toasting to their love before slugging it down. Barf.


Tim says, "When I feed via blood, it is just as good as sex because as I feel this rush of life, their essence, their energy is coming into myself, and I am taking it in, and I feel empowered. I feel the person I'm feeding from on a whole different level and in a totally different way than I could with words."

And Lea agrees with him, adding, "I actually prefer drinking blood to having sex. You are taking the essence of a person, and that, to me, is ecstasy. There is no better feeling. We are kind of like sharks once we get going. It is a sexual experience; we often draw blood in the bedroom. Vampires are highly sexualized creatures, and having sex literally gets the blood pumping."

The vampire couple got together shortly after the meeting, and it didn’t take long for them to agree on adding blood-sucking into the bedroom. Before meeting each other, they practiced vampirism, and Lea believed they could sense each other.

"There is a connection of darkness and a vampiric vibe that draws us to one another."


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They are so in love that they have decided to get married, officially making Lea the stepmother of Tim’s three-year-old son, Daedric. The wedding will be vampire-themed, of course.

While the vampire couple does acknowledge the dangers of blood-borne diseases like HIV and Hepatitis, they say that they always get tested together about every six months and are currently "squeaky clean."

"Blood-feeding does tend to make people a little uncomfortable," Tim said. "Because you know they are afraid of being scarred or they are afraid of some transmitted disease, and it is completely understandable given how some people can be very reckless with that. That's why we predominantly feed on each other to keep it behind closed doors."


Lea adds, "We go and get tested for diseases together, and it's almost like a bonding experience. I feel like it strengthens our relationship."

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They are also careful when sleeping with partners outside of the relationship and always ensure they are sanitary before sucking their blood.

"If they cannot provide documentation and I do feed from them, the next week, I make sure I go tested right away. We haven't had any problems so far."

Lea admits she wasn’t looking for a relationship, but when Tim read her tarot cards, she felt an instant connection. She says that it was pretty much lust at first sight.


When discussing her upcoming wedding, Lea said, "We definitely want to incorporate vampirism into our wedding — it's our way of life. We plan to incorporate our vampiric beliefs into the vows, and there will definitely be some vampires in the congregation."

The couple plans on being open to Tim’s son about their vampirish way of life. They will invite him into their coven if he’s open to it.

'We won't force anything onto Daedric, but we are open with our lifestyle, and if he decides to follow in our footsteps, of course, we will support him, but we feel that it is something the vampire must discover for themselves," Lea says.

Luckily for them, most of their friends and family are accepting of their lifestyle.


"I feel like I come alive at night, but we aren't allergic to sunlight; I am partial to garlic, and we definitely don't sleep in coffins. Many people see our lives as controversial but as natural as breathing. I can't see myself ever moving away from vampirism, it's not for everyone, but it's who we are," continues Lea.

Maybe their parents told them they could be anything growing up. And vampires just happened to be their thing. There isn’t any shame in that!

What do you think? Is blood-sucking going to be the latest kink that you introduce into your sex life?

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