8 Unusual Habits Of The Most Elite People

Following these rituals can transform your average day into a high-achieving one.

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Some ancient philosopher once said, ‘We are what we repeatedly do.’ What if you repeatedly did things that barely anyone else did? But I don’t mean walking through the streets nude every day.

Here are 8 unusual habits of the most elite people:

1. They connect with their true selves.

Whether you want to call this ‘God’ or ‘Universe’ or ‘Creative Energy,’ or whatever, few of us connect spiritually anymore. And it’s turning us into miserable people.


Most of us believe our thoughts are all there is. Not so. There is so much more that sits beneath our egoic mind. Go there via prayer or meditation daily. You will have an edge.

Eight uncommon daily rituals that will set you apart from 98% of people

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2. They walk tall.

I don’t care how ‘few achievements’ you believe you’ve had. We’re all living, walking miracles. Act like it and your brazen confidence will feed into your subsequent actions. This will be 5x your experience of life.


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3. They check and refine their systems.

What’s your system? We all have one. We’ve all created the perfect system for the results we are currently getting. I’m serious.

Set yourself apart by getting clear on your system and working on it daily so you get what you want. What’s a system? A basic example is brushing your teeth daily. You’re already doing it.

4. They write experimentally.

Putting words on paper, whether through type or handwritten provides the ideal environment in which to exercise the mind. Here we can write utter trash, play with new ideas, share our woes, and note new things learned or achieved. Amazing things happen when we’re physically loose like this, and you may be surprised what shows up.


Eight uncommon daily rituals that will set you apart from 98% of people

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5. They shake their hips and wave their arms.

This is funny but I’m also dead serious. Find a private place if you need to, but regularly shaking out your worries is a whole lot better than intellectually stewing on them. You’ll feel lighter when you do.


6. They engage in body-weight exercises.

Many of us skip the gym because it’s such an ordeal in our minds. But what about 30 squats and 30 press-ups each morning? Though this shouldn’t replace your more intense exercise sessions, adding these into your routine won’t take long, and will wake you up cognitively.

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7. They purposefully learn one new thing.

What are you currently in the process of mastering? Those who make a significant impact in society know what this is. Study one aspect for at least 10 minutes. Take notes. Reflect on the lesson quietly. What could 10 minutes of daily learning do for you after 6 months?

Eight uncommon daily rituals that will set you apart from 98% of people


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8. They read enlivening literature.

I read for a good 30 minutes before bed. Reading engages your imagination at a higher level and is a relaxing escape that stills and refuels the mind creatively.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.