3 Unorthodox Things The Most Disciplined People Do Daily

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Your focus is a byproduct of your attention span. The more attention you give to a task the more easily you can focus on it.

But sadly our attention span is shrinking rapidly in the digital landscape. Right now our average attention span is only 47 seconds, which is alarming.

Gloria Mark, Ph.D. in psychology and a tech behavior researcher practices these three easy tips daily to boost her brain power and focus.

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Here are 3 unorthodox things the most disciplined people do daily:

1. They listen to their emotions

It’s impossible to be productive when you are emotionally drained. Sadness, fatigue, and pessimism can wreck your productivity.

So, your emotions and productivity are linked. You do your best work when you feel fulfilled and happy.

Every task has an emotional value, some make you happy while others cause mental fatigue.

The challenge is to balance these tasks in such a way that you always end up with a net positive.

Easy task makes you happy while long repetitive task drains your energy and both these tasks are necessary for a productive workday.

But the challenge is to make sure that you always end the day with a net positive.

Dr. Mark advises scheduling a difficult task like a dreaded meeting before the lunch break for optimal relaxation.

Here’s what you can do:

  • End your day with a light task.
  • Schedule all your difficult tasks before lunch.
  • Do the high-focus task in your peak productivity hour.

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2. They maintain their energy equilibrium easily

Burnout is an inescapable reason for unproductivity. But you can decrease its intensity.

Your energy levels can help you improve your work performance through better focus and productivity.

Difficult tasks drain brain power which increases fatigue, but they are necessary. You can’t avoid them but you can make them easy.

Simple tasks make you happy and reduce unproductivity, so make them a stepping stone for difficult tasks.

You need to replenish your mental energies after a hard task so plan a rejuvenating activity after the difficult task.

This easy blueprint will help you get the most difficult tasks done with minimal fatigue.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Start the work session with an easy task.
  • Do the difficult draining task.
  • Relax with a rejuvenating task.

I start a writing session with the easy task of writing 10 headlines, then I write one first draft from those headlines after that I relax with a short walk.

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3. They know that timing is a prime factor for better work

Your productivity is highly determined by your circadian rhythm. You need to schedule all your difficult tasks during your most productive hours for better work quality.

Peak productivity hours are different for everyone. Early birds are more productive in the mornings and night owls are productive in the afternoon.

  • If you wake up early then try doing a difficult task before noon.
  • If you wake up after 9:00 then try scheduling your difficult task in the afternoon.

My peak productivity hours start around 2:00. Find your peak productivity hours and schedule all your difficult creative tasks during those hours.

You can easily hack the flow state during these hours. It will help you produce high-quality work with minimal fatigue.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Find your peak productivity hours through hit and trial.
  • Schedule your most difficult task during these hours.
  • Optimize these hours perfectly by taking regular breaks.

A relaxed mind will always lead to better focus and high-quality work. So, improve your work-life balance for maximum job satisfaction

A psychology expert knows the trials and tribulations of a tough day. She knows the challenges that come with a difficult job.

All jobs require high focus no matter if it's low or high level. You need to improve your attention span to perform better.

You can design your workday for optimal productivity with these three easy tips.

  • Monitor your emotions thoroughly for better productivity.
  • Start a work session with an easy task and end it with a relaxing task.
  • Schedule the difficult tasks in your peak productive hours.

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