20 Little Tricks The Smartest Women Use To Feel Instantly Happier

Here are quick things to help elevate your mood.

Last updated on Sep 17, 2023

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By Emily Bibb 

Being happy may just be the single most important thing you can do for your health, making it just as necessary as diet and physical activity. If you aren't feeling like yourself lately, don't worry. Knowing that times are stressful and the unexpected often occurs, here are ways to help you get back to happiness almost instantly.

Here are 20 tricks smart women use to feel happier almost instantly:

1. Play a game (not on your phone)

Get your family together, invite some friends over, and have a game night. Not only will you be surrounded by good company, but friendly competition usually guarantees a good time and a good laugh.


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2. Smile

When in doubt, smile! Not only is it contagious, but smiling also helps relieve stress, boost your mood, and release endorphins.

3. Go for a walk

If something isn't going well at work or home, step outside and take a walk. It doesn't have to be long, but a quick stroll will help you get fresh air and clear your mind.

4. Call a friend

Don't text; dial! Calling a close friend is a great way to talk over your worries and get advice from someone you trust.

5. Try something new

Stop your rut by switching things up. Try a new gym class or restaurant, or take a new route to work in the morning.


6. Unplug

Calm your mind by turning off your tech and escaping social media for a minute or two.

7. Sing (out loud!)

We give you permission to sing in the shower, car, anywhere. We promise you'll feel better — with or without a record deal.

8. Volunteer

Nothing beats the feeling of helping others. Make a difference and meet a few friends in the process by checking out VolunteerMatch.

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9. Make a gratitude list

It's often easy to focus on the negative or those things you don't have. Quickly boost your mood by jotting down the things you are grateful for, both big and small.

10. Eat up

Start cooking those fava beans; they make you happy! Since this bean contains high concentrations of an amino acid known as L-dopa (dopamine), it will boost your mood and decrease depression.


11. Practice yoga

Yoga has many health benefits — see for yourself by watching a 10-minute yoga series for happiness or finding a studio to begin your own practice.

12. Take time off

Maybe you just need a break. Rather than planning a vacation, take the time to adventure around your local neighborhood. Visiting new spots may be just what you need to reset and appreciate what's around you.

13. Take charge

Go for it! Instead of getting bogged down by the big picture, take a small step in the right direction, now. Just knowing that you're heading in the direction of your dreams will make you happy.

14. Have fun in the kitchen

Even if you're not a cook, take your mind off things by exploring new ingredients or trying a new recipe. If you don't know where to start, browse our healthy recipes.


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15. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to unwind and strengthen the relationship between your mind and body. It's free, too! And it comes with so many benefits.

16. Give a compliment

Kick-start a smile with another person and a few genuine words.

17. Declutter

For a clean slate, get organized. Getting rid of the clutter and rearranging your space will make it feel new. It is also a great starting point to move forward with future projects.


18. Stay in the moment

Rather than trying to micromanage the future or worrying about the past, live in the moment and just be.

19. Rest up

If you're having a hard time getting your mind off things, reset with a power nap. A short break will give your mind and body a rest and will help you approach things differently when you wake.

20. Know it's going to be okay

Just remember, it's always going to be okay.

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Emily Bibb is a former assistant editor at PopSugar and the co-founder of Breef, a company that uses innovative technology to empower brands and agencies to work better, together — improving productivity, business outcomes, and relationships.